Think: Positive (QOtD)

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much this month but I’m in the middle of a move so hopefully I’ll be back to normal next month. I just wanted to share a few thoughts as well as this quote of the day.

I went to yoga last Saturday and that time to clear my mind and body was exactly what I needed. Throw in this quote and I’ve got enough inspiration to get through this weekend. However, my body is screaming for a massage. SCREAMING. I made my appointment for Monday (after we move) but it’s like torture. It needs it now!

I know my body. I know when something isn’t right. Unfortunately I don’t always want to correct the wrong. Terrible headaches from too much sugar consumed yet I rather take an Aleve than put down the snack. The tension needs to be stretched out, but it hurts to stretch so I’ll pass. Why do I torture myself? Human will is a bitch. No nice way to put it. I want to right the wrong but the will is so low I don’t know what inspiration will get it going. I need to think happy thoughts. Need to be in a good place mentally to know that I can get through this. I get frustrated looking around but at the same time I’m pleased with what I managed to accomplish. I know that once I keep it together, be organized and just enjoy the experience everything will flow and I will be happy. Mentally that is doable but it’s to put it into practice. I will try my best to put it into practice.

I wanted to write more but as it is, I’m rushing this post because I simple can’t focus with all that I have in mind to do.

Real Simple

Thank you for reading!


Repost: Sunshine

I wrote this post in January on my other blog, before I made the switch. I was home today and found it fitting to repost it as the sun made a much appreciated appearance throughout my apartment, and had me feeling extremely lively after I got up from a 2 hour mid-morning nap :). Considering all that is going on in Japan right now, I think it’s important we just take a deep breath and appreciate all that we have. Not having a car, not having lunch but you know you’ll have dinner, missing your morning/afternoon coffee break are all minuscule compared to what they’re going through.

I had to say Thank You this morning that I’m in the NW (Seattle) of the US and there is a radiation plume expected to reach California by tomorrow from Japan’s nuclear plant. I have friends and family there, although the threat to them is said to be diminished as this plume travels, no one wishes that on anyone. I used to think maybe living down there would be nicer just for warmer weather but you never know why God puts you where he does, and it’s just for us to take everyday and make it a positive one and accept what life has dealt you the best way you can. Therefore, as you read/re-read this post, you can change sunshine to whatever you are thankful for today.



It’s amazing that we can take the simplest things for granted and pine for them deeply when we realize that they’ve been ripped from us.


Oh S.U.N.S.H.I.N.E.

I come from Barbados. Sunshine.

Bronze skin and natural streaks. Sunshine.

Today was gloomy. I pined for Sunshine.

I tried not to be moody, I wanted Sunshine.

Please give me a day,

Or even 5 minutes.

To see a ray,

And not take advantage.

Of a little Sunshine. Sunshine.

Wow that was random but just had to get that out. I must say it was Livvi Franc who sparked this in me. Reading her blog ( gave me that burst. “Love and Sunshine”. Who could ask for more?

With the sun, we have Vitamin D; we feel alive, not suicidal. No gloomy skies to make us ask so many why’s on the inside. To feel the heat on our bodies and not be shuddering from cold. To squint at the sun and see something so powerful beaming down on us. To watch the sunset that so many use as prime “engagement” time. We say the “Sunrise and Sunset” of someone’s life.

Oh sunshine. The sun has set, on another day. But not on my life, I have another day to give thanks for the little things; even for the little sunshine tomorrow may bring.