Valentine’s Day Prep

This is just for fun but if I’ve given you ideas, well… you’re welcome! 🙂

My husband and I aren’t a couple that celebrates Valentine’s Day with all the hoopla that surrounds it. Most I’d do is cook something he really likes or something I don’t do often. This year we may just hit Applebee’s – nothing special.

Today, when I was driving to pick him up, I had an idea while I was playing my playlist. I thought of songs to play that were a mix of sappy and what everyone thinks Valentine’s day is about – getting some. The thing about this list is, I could hear my husband and myself laughing uncontrollably while these songs play, because we’re not the type to take things like this seriously.

Got the meal and your outfit ready? Know where you’re going? Here is a playlist for Valentine’s Day. To play in the car for the drive or, as I’ve labeled them, according to the order of events for the night.

Start the night out simple:


Just before you bring out dessert:


After dessert 😉 :


Throwing in a classic most suited for this day 😛 :


Because I love this song I’ll throw it in here too:


Whatever you do, make sure you don’t leave him feeling like this unless he deserves it:


Missing your love on Valentine’s Day? Send them this song 🙂 :


And if you’re not from the Caribbean and want a little more excitement and something different (after dessert):


Finally, always keep it classy. NOT! 😛


Barbados = Talent :)

Barbados = Talent :)

Today I had plans… They didn’t happen. Except for the car – that was scheduled. I wanted to tidy the apartment, finish packing as much as I could for a little trip, and get a little of the Seattle sun that peeped out today. Well not much of that happened if any.

Anyway, a lot is going on musically in my beloved island that I thought would be a good to share today for my post. We have music and videos. I feel so blessed to come from and island filled with so much talent! Rihanna, Livvi Franc, Allison Hinds, Nexcyx, Cover Drive, Hal Linton, Azman, Miles Robertson just to name a few *queues plug for selling Barbados* You should definitely go! Crystal waters, white sandy beaches, delicious food and friendly people… like me! Haha 🙂

I’ll start with Cover Drive. I’ve mentioned them before and they have a new video out to their single Sparks. Their debut album ‘Bajan Style’ will be released on May 7th. Will you be getting it? You should!


Here is another band from Barbados, hope you can understand them if you aren’t from there!

Now on to my favoritist band (yes I had to make up that word for exaggeration). They just released a new single Nightclub Superheroes which I’m really feeling and bought on iTunes already 🙂 so buy it right after you listen! I’ve also added their cover for Moves Like Jagger in which the lead singer Mahalia does a sick rap on. Let me know what you think!

Just to put Barbados in your head here are a few pics :). I’m from Holetown.


This is the north of the island on the Atlantic side.


Look at that water 🙂 That dot for a head is my husband lol.

The top pics are from my parent’s home in Barbados/ my “backyard” and you’ll remember the bottom pic from this post. My feet!

I hope you enjoyed this little post. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!


Foot on the brakes

WHY is cleaning so hard? I think deep down inside I’ve given up because I know we’re moving and also I’m getting new bits of furniture to help keep me more organized but I really can’t bring myself to tidy up what I have now! Yesterday and Monday weren’t bad but I’ve lost all momentum today. I have been on point with cooking though… I did some killer bbq wings yesterday and.. OH YES! I drove on the freeway while it was snowing for the first time yesterday… SCARY SHIT! I’ve always hopped into the passenger seat when there was snow and let hubby deal with that but the snow came down pretty heavy as I got onto the freeway. Very sneaky as it wasn’t even falling like that on the exit to the freeway. *sigh* There was a lot of screaming.. “SLOW DOWN!” “I AM!!” *silence* “WATCH THAT CAR!” “I SAW IT!” *silence*. Needless to say, the tension was high. I’ve driven on the freeway with the rain falling hard (scary shit also) but the snow was just crazy, luckily it didn’t stick. We’ve been having some crazy weather and I’m really over the cold. I mean really over it. I am dying for one day of 50F. This 30/40F for a whole week is crazy, especially when going to the gym. And it never ceases to amaze me how I think I’m prepared for how cold outside may be but as I open the door and run down to the car I still jump like “where the hell did that cold air come from?!”. I swear I’m too delusional sometimes.

Anyway, back to the cleaning (*yay* cleaning >_>). I don’t want to keep buying things to help temporarily but at the same time it’s really hard to know what to do with things that you know you won’t be using for a while or before you move and have to unpack all over again. I think this weather is really turning me miserable more than anything. I’m probably staying home too much. Yeah, that’s it. I’ve been home a lot. It was better when I was home a minimum of two days a week and was busy… Well, time to get busy again then! But not cleaning. I’ll still attempt to do bits and pieces around the place throughout the day but this whole day of cleaning is so not working.

I think I’ll end this ramble here with a few favorites that I’ve been blasting..

I’m somewhat ashamed to put this song by Selena Gomez but I absolutely love it.. >_<