Valentine’s Day Prep

This is just for fun but if I’ve given you ideas, well… you’re welcome! 🙂

My husband and I aren’t a couple that celebrates Valentine’s Day with all the hoopla that surrounds it. Most I’d do is cook something he really likes or something I don’t do often. This year we may just hit Applebee’s – nothing special.

Today, when I was driving to pick him up, I had an idea while I was playing my playlist. I thought of songs to play that were a mix of sappy and what everyone thinks Valentine’s day is about – getting some. The thing about this list is, I could hear my husband and myself laughing uncontrollably while these songs play, because we’re not the type to take things like this seriously.

Got the meal and your outfit ready? Know where you’re going? Here is a playlist for Valentine’s Day. To play in the car for the drive or, as I’ve labeled them, according to the order of events for the night.

Start the night out simple:


Just before you bring out dessert:


After dessert 😉 :


Throwing in a classic most suited for this day 😛 :


Because I love this song I’ll throw it in here too:


Whatever you do, make sure you don’t leave him feeling like this unless he deserves it:


Missing your love on Valentine’s Day? Send them this song 🙂 :


And if you’re not from the Caribbean and want a little more excitement and something different (after dessert):


Finally, always keep it classy. NOT! 😛


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