It seems like this week is going to be THE week to enjoy before Summer comes to an official close. I woke up and saw this picture from King5 News on my Facebook timeline:


Thank you Jesus!

As much as I’m looking forward to my uniform of leggings and boots and maybe jackets and pullovers, there’s nothing better than seeing one last week to rock out in short shorts (minus tights), to get in one last tan and drive around with the windows down to cool off from the heat. I hardly used my a/c in the car this Summer. I think I use it enough when it’s cold so unless I’m baking I won’t turn it on. And even then, once I cool off, it’s back to windows down.

I’m happy with the Summer we had here (weather wise) despite being sick for most of it but I still had a good one. The nights have begun to get shorter already but a nice evening stroll in the crisp air will be done almost every day this week. I’ll put my t.v. shows aside to take in the last bits of Summer. In terms of fashion, you can read about what I’m looking forward to here. I would like to experiment more with Fall recipes and I’ll share those as well.

I *really* hope that the temps just drop a bit and it remains sunny for some time. If it’s a sudden change to the gloomy, misty rain then I can see I won’t be moving from my couch very often during the day. That’s life in the Pacific North West… But school is back out. Fall clothing is everywhere. Pumpkin and figs and Halloween decorations and candies are on the shelves. I’m slowly beginning to like this time of the year but it can’t beat Spring and Summer just yet.

I’m just being thankful for what a wonderful year this has been so far. We’ve been to Florida, San Francisco, seen Rihanna in Concert, Dominica, home (Barbados), Norway, my sister visited, my husband’s family and college friends visited, went to two weddings and who knows what else is in store for the rest of the year?! My other blog is doing well and I’ve got an opportunity coming up with that that I’m very excited about. I got my camera to take more and better quality pics (and maybe videos) and I’ve been feeling more self-confident. I don’t know if thinking of Fall and Thanksgiving has me in this pensive mood but either way I’m grateful.

I’m *really* going to try to post more on this blog. I’ve fallen back on both blogs being so busy but I will definitely try to pick back up.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts.


Hold on

Hold on

Many times in life we are faced with events that can cripple us with grief, make us leap for joy with happiness or even make us just sit quietly in awe.

Just one month shy of a year, we returned to New York last week to see my husband’s uncle who had a stroke last year. I do not wish to go into details on everything but it took everyone by surprise considering moments before it happened he was laughing heartily with his mother on the phone and making plans with her.

Since that trip, I have been offering him up in prayer that he may beat all of the odds against him. If you know someone who has had a stroke, you know that doctors aren’t always positive in their diagnoses. Well praise be to God! A year later he is able to acknowledge our presence and answer our questions with a nod or shake, smirk at jokes and scratch an itch.

Things like this renew faith, give us hope for better days to come and give us an opportunity to know that anything is possible in life – positive and negative. God works in mysterious ways and whether or not you believe there is a God, it’s events like these that make you acknowledge that there is a force out there greater than us, putting things into action.

We are human, and when in pain we cry out asking for questions, not looking at what led to such events or even what God may be saving us from. Patience is key. Patience and silence are golden. Reflect on life, always give thanks for what you have before begging for more. We have the power to make our own decisions, but ultimately He has the power to put his into place.

Life is precious. Let those you love know how much they mean to you. Be kind to those you don’t know. Don’t hold on to grudges and make yourself sick in the process. If you can’t forget, forgive and move on – let God handle it. Yes we are human, but we have to rise above negative influences and be more positive. Life always gives us lemons but make sure the next glass of lemonade is better than the last.


Spring Cleaning

From last week I’ve been telling myself it’s time to do some Spring cleaning. My guest bedroom is a mess as I’ve been just throwing things in there thinking “I’ll get back to it”… now I have to get to all of it. I want to start there because it’s the “worst” room. Family and friends should be visiting this year, and now is the time to sort it. This week doesn’t promise much sunshine, and as I’m free of any appointments, why not? I’m very tempted to find other things to do to get out of it but I’m going to put on my big girl pants and just get to it.

A little side note here – finding a “reasonable” seamstress has been HELL. I probably should’ve done a search for one before I went mad in the fabric store. To think I only wanted swatches and left with that much material… Anyway, I’m going to put that project on hold for now and keep searching.

Right, back to Spring cleaning. Just as my apartment needs cleaning, why not work on my life as well?! Facebook, cell address book, BBM, Twitter, everything. Why can’t I feel the same relief in my life that I feel in my living space when I’ve tidied up and gotten rid of all that I no longer need? Why do I need to hang on to people who’s reason or season in my life has expired? Sometimes, we need to take a look at the direction we’re heading in and ask if this person is going to be supportive of my choices or whether they’ll be honest enough in guiding me. Everyone changes at some point in their life – some faster than others; so we need to examine who our friends are, if they want to take this journey with me or if we need to just break apart because we’re probably not meant to do this together.

The thing about friendship is that, you need someone who is honest with you. Many times, we never want to hear the truth, but what does a true friend do? They tell you the truth, they let you know what you’re doing that’s wrong and they stick with you regardless BUT all the while, they let you hear what you NEED to hear but don’t want to. They don’t interfere, they’re like your conscience – a nagging voice trying to push you in the right direction. So why not take a look at who isn’t doing this for me and put them out with the trash? Why can’t I be surrounded by people who listen, guide, support and nag me? Sometimes a true friend knows their boundaries but stretches beyond them in a loving way to help you understand why they are telling you the truth, why they did not support something you did or said, but is still there for you as a shoulder to cry on.

People don’t have to be in your life for years to make an impact on you. People may not seem like your cup of tea in the beginning but something is keeping you there with them. Are you the one to help them? Are they there to help you in the future but this preliminary¬†acquaintance¬†is stressing you out and you can’t shake them? We never know why God puts people in our lives, and sometimes we’re too stubborn to see why even when it’s right in front of us.

It’s necessary to clean all that is around us because we never know what we’re hoarding that could be toxic for us. Clean yourself on the inside, clean all that affects your daily life, and clean your home, resurrecting all that was covered in dust but you still love dearly.


“Books and friends should be few but good.”