Hold on

Many times in life we are faced with events that can cripple us with grief, make us leap for joy with happiness or even make us just sit quietly in awe.

Just one month shy of a year, we returned to New York last week to see my husband’s uncle who had a stroke last year. I do not wish to go into details on everything but it took everyone by surprise considering moments before it happened he was laughing heartily with his mother on the phone and making plans with her.

Since that trip, I have been offering him up in prayer that he may beat all of the odds against him. If you know someone who has had a stroke, you know that doctors aren’t always positive in their diagnoses. Well praise be to God! A year later he is able to acknowledge our presence and answer our questions with a nod or shake, smirk at jokes and scratch an itch.

Things like this renew faith, give us hope for better days to come and give us an opportunity to know that anything is possible in life – positive and negative. God works in mysterious ways and whether or not you believe there is a God, it’s events like these that make you acknowledge that there is a force out there greater than us, putting things into action.

We are human, and when in pain we cry out asking for questions, not looking at what led to such events or even what God may be saving us from. Patience is key. Patience and silence are golden. Reflect on life, always give thanks for what you have before begging for more. We have the power to make our own decisions, but ultimately He has the power to put his into place.

Life is precious. Let those you love know how much they mean to you. Be kind to those you don’t know. Don’t hold on to grudges and make yourself sick in the process. If you can’t forget, forgive and move on – let God handle it. Yes we are human, but we have to rise above negative influences and be more positive. Life always gives us lemons but make sure the next glass of lemonade is better than the last.


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