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I’ve become more open. I talk more. I never used to. People took it for rudeness, or just being shy but I’m very introverted. Hence my love for writing. I’ve always had a handful of friends that I consider to be close. Never one to have a million friends around me all the time. I don’t do that. But more than anything I would be quiet, observe your behavior and then see if you were someone I’d want to befriend. If you made me feel like I could be myself. If you made me comfortable that anything I said was safe, nothing was off limits and yet you wouldn’t take my kindness for weakness. Silence meant observation. You could say I’m judgmental. I wouldn’t. I would say I don’t want to waste my energy on people I don’t think deserve it. To each his own.

I didn’t plan on writing a post but when I saw this quote of the day in my inbox it just really hit home for me. I didn’t talk and people found that intriguing. They knew I had a lot going on in my head but the fact that I didn’t say it, captivated them more and made them wonder what I was thinking. It’s funny, my husband’s family are always very curious when I don’t give my two cents on a topic or even when I am quiet. Sometimes, I don’t think my two cents is worth sharing. Sometimes, I think as an outsider my input shouldn’t count and it’s better left unsaid. Sometimes, I think I prefer if my thoughts stay with me as it may not be the time to express them. Timing is everything. For me at least. I don’t like when people talk too much, I get this sense of them just wanting to be heard, therefore, you are not thinking about what you really want to say and by doing so, you are just spewing BS.

Take the time today to be silent, and observe what is being said around you. What makes sense and who is just talking to be heard. Silence is golden. Listen to those who speak from the heart not the head, it means there is passion and belief.

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On another note, I want to ask everyone to pray for those who died and were injured in the shooting last night in the theatre in Aurora, Colorado. I don’t remember the last time I wanted to book a ticket and fly home the same time. It’s truly sad what happened and I hope and pray that this was a one off thing. Every day we hear of people being killed and abused and it just doesn’t sit well with me. Yes there will be inequality, there will be abuse and there will be people who just seek to cause harm to others, but we need to be more vigilant and help those that need it if we see that something isn’t right. Life is too short. Let those you love know you love them and treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. Have a safe weekend.

Lots of love.



Within the last few years, friendship is something that, I’m learning more and more, is about quality more than quantity. One of my bestest (yes I used that grammatically incorrect word for emphasis) friends lives across the pond and even though we don’t hear each other every day, we know we’re in each hearts and every conversation just picks up from the last. My other friend just completed about 6/7 months of school. Just before she started, we were having lunch dates and I really missed that little female time. Today we had lunch and spent the afternoon hanging out doing errands, shopping and relaxing. This doesn’t happen weekly so it was really nice to have that female bonding time. I don’t need a million friends to be hanging out with, partying, or out every weekend or feel like I’m a part of some clique. I just need to now I have a girlfriend or two there for me just like I’m always there for them. 

Silences make the real conversations between friends. Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts. ― Margaret Lee Runbeck

When I got this quote this morning in my email, I just felt… something. It means  that your friendships are solidified by those silent moments – whether or not you’ve known that person all of your life. Sometimes you hear certain sayings and you feel good like it’s speaking to you or you know it’s expressing your character. I feel good to know that I’ve had friendships like what is described in this quote. Friends don’t always last. Friendships aren’t always peachy. After all, if you don’t have a friend who gives it to you straight and lets you know when you’re doing wrong maybe you should question what kind of friend you have. To people who know me, I always give it to you straight. I have your back and I hope you have mine. 

On a lighter note, you know you have a good friend  when they acknowledge your sense of style and you theirs. Having a friend who looks at you with the  “wtf are you wearing?!” face (out of jealousy and not that you look good but it’s just not their style) is what I call a ‘no bueno’ situation. You want people to boost your spirit for being the individual you are. You don’t need a twin or sidekick stalking your fashion sense. Nuh-uh!  A true girlfriend says “hell no!” with her face when you put on something that does nothing for you and you quickly turn around and change or suggest/beg her to pick something for you. Silence is golden – avoid unnecessary confrontation.

We all need the support of someone (of the same sex) to know we’re not the only crazy people on this planet. We just need to take stock of who that is for us.  Don’t take advantage of those who are there for you and let them know that you appreciate it. The same way we have reassurance in our relationships with our partners, it goes a long way with our female/male friends. Yes sometimes it’s shown in the things we do but it doesn’t hurt to say it at least once or twice a year. 

Communication goes a long way – spoken and unspoken.