5 Things…

It’s time for another blog for you to get to know me! *YaY* 🙂 This time it’s 5 things I could not live without daily from the same blog that I got the Blog Hop from.

1 Lip balm

The amount of lip balms I own makes me wonder if I have a problem. I’m always trying new ones even when I think I’ve found the one. But when all else fails, I have my Vaseline to back me up! It has never failed me.

This is what I could put my hands on but I know for a fact that I have more around the apt… Obviously lip conditioners/gloss are not included (for a good reason)

2 Water

Let’s just say, I HAVE to have a glass of water every day. I don’t know how people drink other drinks all day and do not have water. I don’t think there is anything more refreshing than a glass of cold water! We have a water cooler in our home…

I use these bottles as exercise. Most of the time, I lift them into the apartment myself 😀

3 Sugar

When I do not have something sweet and sugary, it’s a wrap. A sugar fix is equal to my glass of water. And I’m too embarrassed to post any pictures related to this. Sometimes I have sweets there that I don’t want in order to stop myself from having it when I know I shouldn’t be (even if I get something else at least it wouldn’t be double the sugar). No questions please. I settle with saying I have issues lol.

4 Shower

Even when I’m sick, I must have a shower. A shower always makes me feel better. At least once a day. I like to feel clean at some point within a 24 hour time frame!

5 Sleep!

On our recent trip to San Francisco, sleep was something I didn’t have. When I don’t have a minimum of 8 hours (yes EIGHT) I am the crankiest person ever. 7 hours is not enough either. 9 is best, but 8 is enough. I also think a lack of sleep contributed to my cold which I’m still trying to get over.

There you have it! I’ll look for more of these to do or you can suggest some if you want. Thanks for reading!




Joys of flying pt deux

‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

No truer words can be said. Even if you do not leave the country, the diversity within the states of the USA will definitely open your mind to new things. As I said in my last post, I was in Orlando, FL last weekend for a wedding. We flew down on Virgin America and flew back on AA because we used our miles for the second part of the trip (saved a lot :)). Surprisingly, the trip down was uneventful and with the help of my sleep mask I managed to get some rest seeing we left so early. It is the best $5 I’ve spent for the whole year! I bought it Wednesday from TJ Maxx because my husband often goes to sleep later than I do and I do not sleep well with lights on. I decided to keep it in my handbag in case it would come in handy on the flight which it did. It’s soooo comfortable and it truly blocks out all of the light without being uncomfortable and sticking to your eyes. Plus the back has velcro that you can adjust it to suit, another feature I adored.


 looks like a bra doesn’t it? lol

We flew in Friday, the wedding was Saturday (which we were almost an hour late for – I thought it was at 4 not 3 :() and then left Sunday morning. Sunday morning… I did not want to get up, but I did and we made our way to the airport, and hopped on to the plane… As I stated in rant 1, I always let my husband get his window seat, and I always end up dealing with some shit. This time, I was seated next to a man who believed that because he was twice my size (not fat just tall and big) that he was entitled to encroaching on my armrest and foot space. My husband calls this “leaking”. The flight was at 10.30am but seeing that I hardly slept (time difference) and was up early to check out and get a taxi to the airport, I was tired and wanted to sleep. But even with my neck pillow and wonderful eye mask, I couldn’t with an elbow in my side just lingering and the shitty thing about it is he couldn’t do anything about it! Even when he tucked it in (after probably feeling me next to him) it was still leaking… Mind you, for the majority of the flight I was leaning on my husband sleeping! Not even sitting straight. So there I was, halfway out of my seat, and still feeling this elbow in my side. Then I went to get my handbag from under the seat in front of me and whose big foot do I see rather close to it? *sigh* I would love to know what I do to attract these characters. The second flight wasn’t bad. I got some sleep on that one as well as some lovely views of Mt. Rainier from the plane (I woke up for the last half hour of the flight).

I have thus concluded that I will create a document that I will call “Airplane Etiquette”. I hope to one day turn it into a worthwhile document and have it posted on or attached to the safety card. Yes, this shit is serious to me. I will be working on this throughout the year as I have other trips coming up and it wouldn’t be fair to do it so early and keep adding. Maybe I’ll have it as an End of the Year list – it’s the least I could do with my big dreams. But for now, I’m safely back home and somewhat caught up on sleep lost as I crashed last night. Hope you enjoyed this little post.