I’m going to dedicate this blog post to three ladies and their blogs. Two are in the music industry and one is in the music/entertainment industry. I’m doing a little #fw (follow wednesday) here as I always feel some inspiration reading these blogs and I decided I’ll pass them on for my next post. So here they are:

Tracy Joseph: blog- Twitter- @tracynjoseph

Tracy (who is also my sister-in-law) loves music, food and film. Three words I’d use to describe her are energetic, fun and well-spoken. Her blog is definitely worth your time if you are a foodie.

Livvi Franc: blog- Twitter- @LivviFranc

Livvi Franc is an artist/songwriter making her way in the music industry. Three words for her: talented, determined and pensive (and bubbly! had to use 4!!). Also the sister of one of my best friends, I’ve watched Liv evolve into who she is now as an artist and her music is AMAZING!!! Follow her to see how she is moving on.

Heather Bright: blog- Twitter- @HeatherBright01

Heather is also an artist/songwriter and a friend of Livvi Franc. I met Heather on a girls trip to LA in September (2010) and she seemed like one of the most down to earth Americans that I’ve ever met (from spending less than 5mins with her) I should’ve known she was “good peoples” as she has the same name as my mother 😛 . Today was the first time I read Heather’s blog and as I don’t know her well enough for three words, but I can stress this point: see she’s very passionate about her work.

So enough of my blog (for now) GO READ THEIRS! I’m sharing the love because I want to see them succeed. Keeping all the good stuff to yourself is never a good thing ;).


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