Is it Spring yet?!

February went as fast as a mini cupcake placed in front of me but as they say, good things come in small packages ;). My birthday was spent quietly and in this 24th year of my life I’m looking forward to a healthier and more productive year with continued blessings.

March is here and I’m PRAYING it gets warm soon! I’m really finding it difficult dealing with this cold weather physically and mentally. I’ve learnt how important it is to use cream as opposed to lotion on my body for longer lasting moisture and my eczema is working my last nerve when I have to layer up. Cold climates certainly aren’t the place for someone from the Caribbean!! Mentally it can be frustrating; being “cold” used to be relative – you didn’t have a scarf, gloves, beanie or coat but a simple hoodie or jacket. Even something small like wearing enclosed shoes all the time plays on my mind because I owned 2 pairs of enclosed shoes in Barbados that were hardly worn… I have to remind myself that these are small things and it shall soon pass. The lack of sunlight is the major factor here though. Yes, when it does come you burst with joy and NOTHING can bring you down because the clouds have parted and the sun warms your heart more than your skin. But alas! March is here already, and I more than have my Spring/Summer wardrobe in check and ready to be worn! I look forward to blossoms, leaves on trees, summer music and longer days… These will be the best months of the year, even though in Seattle the rain dominates sunshine, it’s nice to have that smell of fun and adventure in the air.

Although I do not have any major plans, I’m sure as usual, there will be fun and there will be wonderful memories. Once you have love, the simplest things can bring you the most joyful and memorable moments. Since this is also my year of more activities, who knows what I may take up! I’ll be making my way to the Farmer’s Market for sure this year; maybe a dance class, cooking class or photography… who knows, all I know is I won’t be held up in the apartment rain or sunshine. So this blog is going to hold me accountable for my actions because as it is written it means I have to report on it. (Speaking of which, the gym is still going well and I may just have my bikini body by Summer!)

So as daylight savings begins and warm weather approaches, shorts and sandals are resurrected and dusted off, take time to appreciate the little things. Do something different this year, or take up something new that you’ve always wanted to do that may help you become a better person or help our environment. I’ll be driving less once the weather is nice especially since we’re so close to everything. If I could walk to the mall when it’s -4°C outside, why can’t I when it’s 15/20°C? I’ll be saving gas (which is increasing) and exercising at the same time, so why not?!

One good decision leads to good habits!

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