When I got married, it hit me hard fashion wise, change has to come. I’m not the tallest person, so I’d always found it difficult finding the right length in dresses and jeans that I liked, that didn’t make me look like a 40 year old wife from the 50’s. The jeans and t-shirt had to be revamped. I am no longer living in the tropics so slippers aren’t an option and I hate sneakers so they weren’t an option either. I needed proper shoes, proper jeans and no “graphic t’s” that screamed “college student”.

I’ve stepped up my heel game, but my flat feet make it hard to find heels I like that are comfortable, so I’ve taken to wedges more. Last year was the first time I had to look for ballet flats and it wasn’t easy but I got through with 2  off-white pairs that became my best friends. I currently only have skinny jeans in my closet (until I have a pair of wide-leg jeans that I absolutely love) and  I won’t wear another flared jean again to shorten my body more.

By the way, if you were expecting me to say where I shop, this is more about changing up clothes I already have not where I got them.

In my quest to make my wardrobe more mature and less “cute” I’ve had some buys that were a miss more than a hit. So in preparing my pocket wardrobe  for this Spring/Summer, I decided to go back to a few pieces that I really liked but something about them wasn’t working for me. I hope be posting pictures soon, I’ll be getting back two shirts this week and next week I intend to attempt tie-dyeing two maxi dresses. I find it sooo exciting to see pieces, observe how they could be changed and watching it come into fruition.

It’s kind of like cooking… You take out meat/fish to cook for dinner and immediately think to do the same thing you always do with that type of meat, and the day you decide to change it up, and try something new, you feel like you’ve never had it before! Well, I’m still to collect my stuff from getting the alterations done and I’m already feeling that thrill you get after shopping!!!!!! The other good thing is, since I’ve been working out (YES I’M STILL GOING!!) I can get back into shorts that I couldn’t wear last year! This also means I don’t have to  buy new ones but feel like a million dollars that I got into the old ones!

I’ll go into the inspiration behind my pieces when I post the pictures. So I guess my little advice for the Spring/Summer wardrobe is to go through your closet now, and see what you have that you could cut, dye or resurrect and enjoy some DIY projects on your clothes (or take them to a professional for alterations like I did :)). I’m sure from the trends we’re seeing on the runways you can find something!

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