Back from the Wild!

I’m back!!!! And I will be rambling throughout this post so be prepared! I just returned from a trip to Vegas, it was a really nice last minute trip, literally. My ticket was bought the morning my husband was leaving (for a conference), so I was up until 3am trying to figure out what to pack for the week. It’s a good thing I’m still young because sleep was something not to be had while there. I can’t call it my fave vacation spot right now as the smoking was something that really turned me off. It’s probably best to go for 2 or 3 days, see the shows you want to see and then leave. For some people that week would’ve been a much needed break from their significant other but if there’s one thing my husband and I both LOVE, it’s travelling together. We’re each other’s pillow on flights and we just keep each other laughing all the time making the trip enjoyable even if it seems like a drag. Plus, I was really going to miss him… so why not go?!?

Fortunately the week before I managed to get my “spring cleaning” done. The second bedroom is ready for our summer guests and I just have to work on shredding some papers once I get the shredder going. It felt like when I was a kid and being forced to clean my room but I put on some music and I got through it. I’m just left to work on my room which I’ll work on this week. It’s time to shift around the Winter and Summer clothes so that requires a week for itself >_<…  especially after I just brought home a few extras with me from Vegas…..

One thing I missed this last week was exercising (in the gym). I did plenty walking (and some nights in over 3inch wedges with males who had me chipping). So I’m excited and ready to get back into it as I’ll be damned if I lose all that I worked for with my trainer! I already have a class I’m going to do to push myself, and I’ll have to plan another two visits for this week to make sure I get back into the gym. Unfortunately my left wrist is hurting and I don’t know why so I’m a bit worried about doing Yoga as they always keep you in some position where a lot of weight is placed on the wrist, so we’ll see.

Well I’ll end here for today on this “update” and I will get back to my “meaningful” stuff this week. Think positive and positive will surround you.

Have a good week!

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