Pffft! (Ramble)

Today I started cleaning my drawers. No I’m not that disgusting I do laundry once a week, so to be more specific, I cleaned my chest of drawers. I wanted to take out all that I know I no longer wear but want to keep and what’s too big for me to wear right now since I lost weight. I’m here rather tired right now from it. Amazing how exhausting wondering what to keep and what to throw away can be. I did my shirts, skirts and shorts so far and some sweaters. I would love to say I no longer have to visit my sweaters or long sleeve tops but it doesn’t seem like Spring wants to be in full effect here…. I can’t even say Vegas gave me a huge break because if I wasn’t directly in the sun it was rather chilly. I’m dying for the shorts and sandals to be my wardrobe but I have a few more weeks to wait I guess.

In dealing with this in-between weather, my skin is taking a serious toll. The eczema doesn’t know if it wants to stay or go so it’s vicious when it pops up and then I have to keep moisturizing my skin to make sure it doesn’t get too dry. I’m thinking of heading to Bath and Body works to pick up a new scrub to try and see if it’ll give me a little boost skin-wise to feel better and absorb the moisture more. I’ll let you know what I grab and how it feels.

Our headboard came today for our bed. I’m sooo excited and it looks amazing! Now I can sit up in bed and read and be comfortable. I spent Monday and Tuesday giving the room a good clean so it wouldn’t be too cluttered and that the true beauty of the bed could now stand out. After all, who wants a new piece of furniture placed in a cluttered room that you can’t even see it properly? My friends would laugh at me using the word “cluttered” because they know my “dirty” is not the normal “dirty” and at least things can still be found, but I just wanted the room to be crisp when the headboard came.

I was really hoping to get to the class today at the gym but my wrist is still hurting. I can’t lift a pan with anything in it and that alone tells me I should stay away from the weights etc. but in doing housework it’s very hard to give myself a rest. I’m really going to try and keep quiet for the  next few days so that I can get back to the gym as soon as possible!

I’m so tired today I really don’t feel like cooking! But I will… I bought some couscous but I’m still looking for that perfect recipe to cook it. My aunt made it yearsssssss ago and I have to email her for her recipe. I just wanted to try something different at home, change up things a little bit. But if you happen to know any please feel free to post it below! I have a dinner to attend this weekend and I’m going to carry a dessert I learned a few years ago with marshmallows, tin fruit and cream cheese.. weird? Yes! Tasty? VERY!!! I’ll take a picture and post so you can see the finished product even though you can’t taste it :(.

I stopped by Half Priced Books yesterday (I think.. don’t remember what day I do anything now :S) and I got a kit and and book to help me with my writing. I’m feeling really positive about it and I think I’ll get back into it and make a push for me to put pen to paper and make something happen. As I get started on this project I’ll share bits and pieces and you can give me a response as to how I’m going :).

Well I’ll end this ramble here for now, I should at least go and season my meat before I leave home.

Lots of love.


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