Happy Easter


I hope everyone and had a wonderful Easter weekend. We had some nice weather Friday and Saturday, warm weather, I could wear slippers… and that was also what made my Easter weekend – sunshine and warmth. It’s on special occasions like this one that I really miss my family. Going to church with my parents and sis and her kids, lunch with my grandparents and everyone, and holidays that mean pure relaxation or outings with friends. Yesterday at mass, I fought back the tears as I sat alone watching families pour in and fill the church; even those who came just for Easter even if they won’t be there again until Christmas. Besides being overwhelmed by the reminder of what Christ did for us, it’s a reminder of the joy and togetherness felt at these special masses and lunches. Luckily, yesterday was spent in the company of friends at lunch and slightly made up for missing home. That’s what friends are for!

I carried this dessert with me that  I know sounds weird but is very tasty and not too sweet, so you should give it a try.



1 pkg Cream cheese

1 tin of fruit cocktail

1 cup of mini marshmallows


Blend cream cheese and juice from the fruit cocktail until you have a smooth, creamy mixture. Add the fruit cocktail and marshmallows, stir by hand and set for an hour in the fridge then serve.

See! Simple!! 🙂 (I forgot to take a pic yesterday of this dessert as I was rushing but I will make sure I do next time!)



Well I sprained my wrist just over a week ago pulling my carry-on on my way back to Seattle from Las Vegas. I decided to head to the chiropractor today for him to check it out as it was still hurting, so I’m sporting this neon pink tape on my forearm and wrist for the day and tomorrow I guess. I have learnt that if you take a carry-on on a trip, and buy a few pieces, and cram your it, it may be better to check it than drag it through the airport and strain your wrist >_<. Luckily it’s my left hand and I’m right handed so it hasn’t been too much of a damper :).


I’m on a search to find black ballet flats that are comfortable and do not look like something my grandmother would wear or want to borrow. It’s getting warmer here and seeing it rains so much, I need flats as I can’t wear slippers or open shoes often. I’ve learnt that it’s important to spend a little more money on shoes up here, dealing with the seasons, and it’s important that they are of good quality to last quite a while. So I would appreciate your help in recommending some that are youthful, comfortable and reasonable. I’ll continue to search on my own and hopefully I’ll find something soon!

Lots of love and liquid sunshine


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