The Good and the Bad..

Just a short post of today.

The Bad: this morning I woke up feeling congested and my wrist was hurting. It was raining.

The Good: I went to the gym around 12.30pm. The sun came out.

The Bad and Good: I lifted a 20lb barbell – keeping my wrist stationery I got through 3 reps not twisting it.

This morning I could have said I’m not going anywhere because I felt horrible, and even though I  still do, I’m glad I left home and did a little. I took some allergy meds and hoped for the best. I would like to be a regular at the gym again – I had 2 weeks off – playtime is over. Legwork is priority during this time while my wrist heels, so no excuses.

I was looking forward to cooking some chicken tonight but I REALLY don’t have the energy for that – the smell and cleaning it. So I shall relax for a bit before I go for my husband. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow…

Lots of love and liquid sunshine


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