New Week, New….

I don’t know!! That’s up to you to decide! I could give you ideas, or tell you what I’ll be doing but then it wouldn’t make you think about what to do different this week. I will, however, give you a little insider action as to what I’m doing in the middle of the week and a full report on it at the end. I would like that every week I try something new every week and I know what I want to undertake this week will be quite a challenge.

I’ve been rather naughty recently, indulging in chocolate like there is no tomorrow. Easter. Godiva is partly to blame as they told me the truffles they have now won’t be available until next year and I could get an 8-piece box and it would last for 8 months… I now have 5 pieces left. (I bought this Friday yes, the 29th.) I REALLY don’t see them lasting for a month far less 3; but I will take my time with them from now on..  My wrist feels back to normal so that means my gym routine shall kick in this week. I have it scheduled into my calendar so let’s hope that is a push for me when I start my day.

I want to address one thing that I’m feeling more and more every Sunday – Family. I’m missing mine more and more every week that goes by. More so because I have a 4 month old niece whose growth I’m missing, considering I was like there with my nephew around this age for EVERYTHING. I now look forward to visits home and them coming here. But it’s still not the same. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining or ungrateful for my life here, but somehow more than ever (maybe because it’s almost two years) I’m just really missing them and it’s hitting me how far apart we are, and Skype convos and bbm and regular calls don’t quite cut it when you could really do with one evening in each other’s company. What I’m really trying to say here is value your time with your loved ones. You never know how much longer you’ll have with them. Sometimes when you are at it with your siblings, remember those who’d love to have a sibling to be quarreling with or even a sibling at that.

I’m surrounded by many wonderful people. A wonderful husband and friends that are also from the Caribbean and others as well. I do miss my friends from home and a few placed outside of the Caribbean that are also special to me. But nothing compares to the love and support of family. As often as we talk (practically every day) I miss their physical presence and the little things.

So I just want to leave this with you: cherish, love and take care of your loved ones. Life is beach, and although we’re playing in the sand, we want our loved ones to help us build our sandcastles and not knock them down, but sometimes family may kick down our castle but help us to build a city. Never turn your back on anyone be the support even when you think cannot support anymore. (I surprise myself with these sayings sometimes.)

Lots of love and plenty sandcastle cities 🙂


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