Damn! This is hard!!!

This week I wanted to try eating less flour, like don’t eat it unless you absolutely HAVE to… Could this be any harder?!?! I got through Monday, but yesterday….. FAIL! I went to the mall with some girlfriends and I bought rice and noodles with some “bourbon chicken” as I’d never had it before and I didn’t know what it would taste better with – the noodles was the winner :(. Luckily that was a small portion and I would’ve done well had I had that alone… But then I passed Auntie Anne’s 😦 😦 :(. Seeing I hadn’t had it in so long ( and walked past it twice already) the third time I HAD to get some. I didn’t eat all alone though, it was shared – still bad of me though. For dinner I managed to cook some rice and pork. Today, I was on the road again for a bit, but I had to take my husband’s cousin to the airport (kinda during rush hour) so I stopped at McDonald’s and got a cheeseburger, fries and small drink.. Talk about eating healthy! But for dinner I did beef stew and mashed potatoes and broccoli, even though it doesn’t make up for anything at least it was flourless. I will keep trying for the rest of the week but damn! it’s HARD!!!!

I went to the gym Monday and did a full body workout – arms, legs and back. But that seemed to be a huge mistake going shopping the next day. I am rather sore today from holding all of my shopping and walking around for 5 hours shopping. I’m a trooper so I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow. I’m really liking how my legs are looking and feeling plenty inspiration to keep them in shape. Showing them off on sunny days is also lots of fun so why not put in the work?!

Well here ends my little update which I promised. Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I’ll probably watch Thor tomorrow as my husband says it’s finally “Thorsday” >_<.

Lots of love and lean, long legs 😉


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