I don’t remember if I mentioned this before (and frankly I’m too lazy right now to check back) but I noticed a change in my bite and I did not have braces for years to just let it go to waste, so I had my parents send up my retainers from years ago in preparation for a visit to the orthodontist- and new retainers were needed. Today I got my new retainers. I’m not too pleased. I was hoping to just have the bottom one (and it’s what I expected to be getting) but no. I got both a new top and bottom. The top is like Invisalign where it’s a clear material covering the entire top row of teeth that collects saliva and has me slurping constantly, and the bottom is a regular retainer with a wire through it. My husband is constantly laughing at me, it’s like we 13 all over again. At least this time I have contacts and don’t have to wear glasses lol. So I’m on my way to having that brilliant smile once again.

I feel like I’m on some diet and it’s driving me crazy. I snack quite a bit throughout the day but having to take out everything and put it back in after eating is making me want to eat less… and I baked brownies yesterday – again, I’m not too pleased about this and I can’t feast on the brownies too often. I guess this is to say that a nice smile and *small* waist will come together?? I sure hope so if that’s the case.

Memorial Day weekend is drawing closer and as I closely eye the sales, I am also watching the weather that isn’t supposed to be so nice and bright. But for all of you in the US please be careful and enjoy and have a very safe weekend. To my Bajans, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this Crop Over season for me as well. 🙂

Lots of love and liquid sunshine


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