To grow, or not to grow…

I’ve  been battling with the decision of if I should grow my hair or not for quite a while.. No I don’t mean 2 weeks, since last summer. I managed to get a bob and then cut it all off in November. I’d love to be able to have an updo, have it out and play with it but I also love the freedom of short hair. When it’s hot, I don’t have to pin it up. When I’m rushing, I don’t take as long to do it. I want to feel the length again.. But I’m weary of having to do the whole wash and flat iron thing :S. I was thinking I should just put a wash and blow dry in my budget and see how it goes. I’ll add two pics and maybe you can help me. My hair is really thick so the thought of dealing with it really makes me not want to grow it. The other con is, when I was in Barbados, I never had to deal with winter coats or coats in general, this is one of the reasons I keep it short, so it doesn’t get caught and pulled in the coats and mess up the styles. I’m really thinking to go for it… Maybe you can help 🙂

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