I’ve Grown

I know it’s been a while but I’ve been quite busy and unable to really pen my thoughts. Here is a little poem I did for the group I’m in. The challenge was to incorporate these 8 words into your poem: GRUDGE, GRIME, GROWTH, GRUMBLE, GREEN, GREAT, GROSS, GRATITUDE.

Hope you like..



I’ve grown.

There’s no point in me holding a grudge

I’ve grown.

I want to extend the gratitude I feel within.

No longer green to this world we live in,

But accepting the trials, joys, lessons and mistakes,

I make along the way.

I’ve grown.

Why grumble and complain about what life hasn’t given?

With growth you see how great you can become.

I’ve grown.

Still young and dirty with grime of my past,

But there’s always that promise,

That with time,

Life has taught me to look at the full picture,

And the gross is what I’ve managed to make lemonade of.

I’ve grown.


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