Watch out!

I’m totally surprising myself each session!! I was completing every single rep I had to do (no stalling) and even starting exercises on my own (and finishing them) while my trainer was working with my husband. Watch out!!! I’m coming back!!! I feel strong and empowered while still a little sore lol. We had to do squat pulses for 40secs and I only felt the burn in the last 4secs. While we were working out the song Sexy Chic (David Guetta ft Akon) came on and even though I’d just finished squats I felt sooo pumped up because it was like “Yeaaaahhhh Buddy!” such a burst of energy came to me and I was like hell yeah we’re doing it today!

I’m still working on the diet portion but it’s coming along :). The smaller portions aren’t a problem, it’s more what to eat in between meals since I’m eating less food but more often. Supermarket sweep today (remember that show? soooo old! hahaha) so I want to grab some healthy-ish stuff to snack on.

I wanted to post at the end of the week on how this week was (probably still going to do it) but I just felt the urge to post on today. Yeah, feeling a little hyped and I’m typing this really fast lol. I’m like one of those guys on steroids who’s like “YEAH BRING IT!!!” ahahhahah. Ok, I’m going to go on with my crazy day and catch up with you later.

Have a good afternoon/evening!


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