I hope you don’t get tired of me blogging >_<. This is my second post for the day! I just had to get this out and I felt like blogging was the best outlet. I went into the mall this afternoon to get something for Dave and as I was walking through Macy’s (exit for parking garage not to shop) I saw the Fall collections out in full blast and it really got to me. As someone from the Caribbean, seeing so many dark colours in my wardrobe is as equally depressing as the gloomy weather that takes over for the next couple of months – you would think that warm colours would take over. I really don’t get it. I always try to get nice soft, somewhat bright colours in my wardrobe to boost my mood. I always think that if outside is gloomy wearing something bright lifts other people’s spirits as well as mine because they’re like “wow.. colour!” and it rattles them a bit as to what season it is lol.

Yes I do keep black in my wardrobe around this time of the year but I try to pair it with a lighter colour as opposed to black on black all of the time. If I could be someone’s Vitamin D for a few seconds why not? It’s not secret that Seattle is known for it’s “liquid sunshine” speaking of which I still need to get some rain boots and as I’m from an island that has two seasons (wet and dry) homesickness is a major issue around this time of the year. So why not liven it up?! But I’m going to work with the few pieces I have right now as I’ve “officially” stopped shopping for myself for the rest of the year as it’s time to get Christmas gifts together.

Before I close I HAVE to tell you about the salad I made today and ate before dinner. My mouth was in heaven! It was red and green cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers and apple with a light champagne dressing. OMG! I actually almost had a second serving which I never want. But I’m definitely looking forward to it again tomorrow.

Ok, it’s time to grab some beauty rest so I’ll find some other stuff to blog about tomorrow or something.





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