I’ve been shocking myself lately with how I’m coming along at the gym. Today was “meh”. First of all, I didn’t want to go. Not because I wasn’t feeling it but because my body was crying for a rest, which I didn’t give it. We’ve now completed 3 of our 10 sessions and it’s 4 sessions for me since I did the Diane’s Day workout. Dave said he’s noticed a change so I guess something’s going well :). I’m really having my moments with food but I’m trying to space out meals more and drink more water in between etc.

I’m sticking to my mission this time. I’ve got lots coming up and I want to be healthy and fit to handle everything and not be a set back for anyone. I want to look back on pictures for this year and feel good that I didn’t totally let myself go at 24. Oh snap, 25 is around the corner :S ok… Definitely can’t mess this up!

Every Monday, I religiously watch Lala’s Full Court Life on VH1 and I was soooo happy to see that some celebrities can be s real and honest about their weight issues as well. I almost died when I saw Po weighed 115lbs as that’s where I want to get to but I’m 5’1 lol. Ideally I’d like to lose 5lbs to get to that 115 mark but I’m more interested in toning and getting healthy than hitting a certain mark. After watching I tweeted: “need to add this episode of @lala‘s #FULLCOURTLIFE to my blog for extra inspiration #weightloss and Lala retweeted it!! I only realised just now so I said let me put my words into action :).

I’ve added the episode here in case you haven’t seen it. Lala is one of the only personalities out there that I thoroughly enjoy watching. It’s not mindless and you don’t lose brain cells like with the other shows. So I hope you enjoy (and hope you can see it if you’re not in the US).

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