Picture this…

My hair has always  been a conversation piece. If it’s real, how do I get it to look so healthy, the cut, who did it (where do I go) and “I love your hair!” on days when I think it looks blah.

I’d always had long hair until 2005 when I really wanted a change after graduation and I cut it into a bob, then 3 months later I cut it into a VERY short bob where the back was shaved. I grew it until July 2009  then I said, I want a change again to go with my new life – getting married and moving overseas. Since then I’ve been growing and cutting periodically. I made it to a shoulder bob last Summer then I cut it again in November. I had my pixie cut done in July. I’ve ALWAYS wanted this cut and I figured why not for Summer! So, in a last minute decision (literally in the chair just before the blow dry), I told her cut it! And this was the result!!

Two weeks later, I went for some highlights. To add a little *umph* and have that slightly sunkissed look ;). By this time I already had a bit of growth. Even I was shocked at the growth as it’s more noticeable when your hair is short.

I am actually starting to miss my long hair and I figured why not – I’m going to grow  it again. And it’s been quite a challenge. I always say it’s the one of the few things I got from my dad – how fast my hair grows. As we fast forward 2 months, I don’t even know where to begin on this length. At this rate, this miserable stage won’t take very long to get past. I have about almost an inch of new growth between my roots and the highlights.

My Routine: I have been trying many different products since I moved to Seattle to help with the change in climate. I’m still searching for the right combinations but I’m getting there. Two staples I have are It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product (http://www.amazon.com/Its-10-Miracle-Product-4-Ounces/dp/B000TKH6G2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317705888&sr=8-1) and Got 2B Crazy Sleek Blow Dry Lotion (http://www.amazon.com/2B-Crazy-Sleek-Lotion-Spray/dp/B000EODF9K/ref=sr_1_33?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1317706049&sr=1-33). I apply these while my hair is wet then I blow dry and add a little serum before I flat iron.  Despite the conditions, my hair is still thriving. I’d like to think that using these two products just helps it a little bit in staying healthy.

I’ve been asked (throughout) my “grow-out” periods why don’t I use extensions, braids, weave all sorts of shit I don’t believe in. I made the decision to cut or grow and I will deal with whatever it comes with. Maybe that’s part of the reason it stays healthy, who knows. I had braids ONCE in my life for 3 weeks and I vowed NEVER again. Going natural is not an option for me unless I’m going to get Keratin treatments or something because my hair is WAY to thick for me to deal with on my own like that, and let’s be real… I don’t think I’d find anyone close to where I live that will do my hair for me on a weekly basis at a reasonable price. I also take pride in doing my hair myself. So I go to the hairdresser every 4/5 weeks for a relaxer and then it’s up to me to make sure it’s on point during those 4/5 weeks. I’m not one to spend money at the hairdresser all of the time (even though I’m tempted to make an appointment when I’m feeling lazy).

I think because my hair has always been questioned (especially if it’s mine or a wig from young) I’ve given it the attention it deserves. I’m proud of my hair. I’ll keep documenting it’s progress every two months so you can see for yourself that this is no joke.

On another note. I finally got my (first) underarm wax. Boy oh boy… I don’t think I’ll be doing that again! The growing out process is more annoying that the actual wax. The wax itself HURT! But while the pain from the wax was over after a few minutes, my underarms were sore for like 24hours… imagine how it felt to apply deodorant *ugh*. Anyway, I’ve got the dentist in the morning *yay* and Tough Love: Miami on VH1 is keeping me up late as it is.



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