Royal Pains *Updated*

I am convinced that my head is getting worst by the day :(. I started this post a few days ago and NEVER looked at it again and was thinking I need to do a post once I’m settled again… obviously I forgot.

Anyway, as mentioned in the last wonderful post, I went to London. We were there to visit two of our bestest friends :). Yes, they mean that much to us that we flew all the way there and not waited until we were all going home or something to see them again. The day before and the day of our trip I felt like I was about to come down with a cold, so I started taking airborne like cuh-razy. Little did I know it was a sinus infection and the 9 hour flight was going to be one of the worst flights I’ve ever taken because of the sinus pressure that I felt. I was just waiting for my head to explode but it didn’t. Our friends had just gotten jobs and we wouldn’t have as much time with them as expected but in a way that may have been a blessing as I slept til very late because of my sickness and it meant our days were more laid back and not everyone was just waiting on me – just Dave :).

This also meant that not much was done though. But seeing that Dave and I were there just two years ago, we didn’t have a long list let alone a “list” of things to do or places to see. We truly had a relaxing (sick) vacation, nothing was rushed. The only “touristy” thing we did was visit Ripley\’s Believe It or Not! and it was quite fun! Right after we had our caricatures done but I have to take a better picture of the finished drawing and update the post with it.

The air up there must be way better than mine :S

No legs!

My caricature

We also celebrated Halloween up there and I was a “biker chic” hahaha! I wore fishnets, knee-high boots, pleather shorts and a pleather vest 😀 of course I wasn’t wearing real leather unfortunately I don’t have any decent pics to post of it *ashamed* I was too busy dancing away in true Caribbean fashion.

I wish I had more to share with you but we simply spent this time just enjoying our friends company and lounging around. I was hoping to get out and do a few things but obviously that didn’t happen and I wasn’t as trigger happy with my camera as grabbing tissues and ricola from my bag were more important :(.

On a happy note, we’re off to do the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour  on Saturday but you can’t take pictures during the tour :(. I can’t wait to go! I’m trying to get out and do more sight-seeing and visit places and not wait until we have visitors. Portland is on my list, and we want to take the train there but I think we’ll do that in the Spring as we’ve got enough going on between now and the end of the year. Life is short and we live in such a beautiful and green part of the US that it would be a shame to keep putting things like this off :).

Anyway, 2 hours of gym in the morning. I’m trying a Pilates Mat class that my trainer is teaching then we have a session with her. I’d think I was going crazy if I didn’t have goals in mind.

Lots of love


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