The Countdown Is On…

So I’ve been pretty busy recently. We had a dinner party then a weekend in Vegas for my husband’s birthday and it was awesome! Thursday until Monday morning was one of the best weekends of the year ūüôā and I’m not saying that “just because” but it was truly a lot of fun. The company you keep can make or break certain celebrations and even though some of our best¬†friends weren’t there, we’re still blessed to be surrounded by awesome people who can make these events truly memorable.

I was able to surprise my husband with his birthday cake and I got extra “wife points” for doing it and knowing him so well. If you don’t know what the image is, it’s a troll face (look it up because I don’t know the best way to describe it as yet :P). I went to my favourite¬†place¬†New York Cupcakes¬†and it was divine!¬†

Now while “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” I’ll leave that phrase for our party scene but I can say that we saw two shows: The Lion King and Le R√™ve. We saw them in that order and I’ve always heard Le R√™ve was a “must see” but I don’t know if I was so amazed The Lion King that I didn’t find¬†Le R√™ve to be that¬†good. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good show¬†and I was pretty sleepy¬†but I wasn’t that amazed. I’m glad we got to see The Lion King there as it’s finishing on December 30th.¬†¬†See it if you can if it ever comes to a city near you!

The countdown is officially on for Christmas. This week I think I’ll be taking out my Christmas decorations and putting them up, and trying on and packing my clothes I’ll be taking home as I’ve lost a little weight in certain places since I’m working out more now. Don’t want to embarrass myself when I go home thinking I have clothes that fit well when they don’t hahaha! I’ve been feeling the Christmas spirit recently – since I heard the music in a store that I was in for over half an hour (it was a beauty supply store, don’t judge me!). I’m thinking to start collecting Christmas tree ornaments even though we don’t put up one yet¬†but at least I’ll have them ready :).

I think I’m going to end here as I have 4 loads of laundry to put away that I’ve been avoiding for hours but at least I did it. So until next time…


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