Take it and Leave it!

Take it to God and leave it there!

This year has been a challenging yet rewarding one. This past week has been one serious eye opener for me. A lot has been going on and I am one who somewhat panics when situations go beyond my control. When this happens I take everything, place it in God’s hands and try to leave it there knowing His plans are always better than mine. Playing the waiting game, however, it can be good once I’m occupied with other stuff I can control and serve as a distraction for me.

This year didn’t play out as I expected it to, but for every dip it took, I saw God’s plans revealed in everything that happened after. But since last Thursday, I haven’t been sleeping properly because my mind has been racing with “what ifs” and when the questions got too loud I just said a prayer trying to calm my mind. Every other day, something has been revealed that has answered a “what if” and has put me at so much ease and it’s just amazing to see God’s power in effect. 

Yes, this is a very vague post, obviously I’m not putting all of my business out there but maybe in time once the dust has settled I can reveal piece by piece what the Lord has brought me through. Sometimes, I wonder how people who do not have faith survive… I’d be one miserable person if I didn’t. It’s wonderful to know that once you are alive in that faith, you know that nothing is too much for you even if it seems so. We’re all human and we’ll always ask why even when we know we shouldn’t but once we leave it in His hands he never fails us… even if you think he did. One thing we must never forget to do is give thanks. We cry and throw tantrums, God blesses us and then we walk along like we did it on our own. We can’t do anything on our own! He’s always waiting for us to bring our problems to Him. He’s always placing people in our path to help us, the least we could do is say Thank you! 

In light of some revelations I had this morning (remember silence is golden in a relationship with God) I had to write this post. A tweet or Facebook status would not have sufficed. I hope that as this poured out of me, it added a lift to your day.

God is good all the time… and all the time God is good!


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