Take it and Leave it!

Take it to God and leave it there!

This year has been a challenging yet rewarding one. This past week has been one serious eye opener for me. A lot has been going on and I am one who somewhat panics when situations go beyond my control. When this happens I take everything, place it in God’s hands and try to leave it there knowing His plans are always better than mine. Playing the waiting game, however, it can be good once I’m occupied with other stuff I can control and serve as a distraction for me.

This year didn’t play out as I expected it to, but for every dip it took, I saw God’s plans revealed in everything that happened after. But since last Thursday, I haven’t been sleeping properly because my mind has been racing with “what ifs” and when the questions got too loud I just said a prayer trying to calm my mind. Every other day, something has been revealed that has answered a “what if” and has put me at so much ease and it’s just amazing to see God’s power in effect. 

Yes, this is a very vague post, obviously I’m not putting all of my business out there but maybe in time once the dust has settled I can reveal piece by piece what the Lord has brought me through. Sometimes, I wonder how people who do not have faith survive… I’d be one miserable person if I didn’t. It’s wonderful to know that once you are alive in that faith, you know that nothing is too much for you even if it seems so. We’re all human and we’ll always ask why even when we know we shouldn’t but once we leave it in His hands he never fails us… even if you think he did. One thing we must never forget to do is give thanks. We cry and throw tantrums, God blesses us and then we walk along like we did it on our own. We can’t do anything on our own! He’s always waiting for us to bring our problems to Him. He’s always placing people in our path to help us, the least we could do is say Thank you! 

In light of some revelations I had this morning (remember silence is golden in a relationship with God) I had to write this post. A tweet or Facebook status would not have sufficed. I hope that as this poured out of me, it added a lift to your day.

God is good all the time… and all the time God is good!



AHHHHHHHH!! Yes, I’m freaking out, aren’t you? It’s December 1st already and I’m still sorting gifts, sorting luggage and what to pack (this time of the year is more difficult as there are more parties etc to attend) trying to make sure my apartment doesn’t turn into a huge mess every other day after packages are received. And it’s COLD… and gloomy. Which means, even though mentally I have a lot that I want to do, physically there is no drive whatsoever. This apartment has the worst natural lighting ever. You may be happy and cheery once you leave home but when you get back it’s depressing as hell. I still love the layout and double sinks in my master bathroom but I’d give up the sinks for better lighting. Anyway, I’ve finally put up all my little bits of decorations and I occasionally play Christmas music to really get me going. Last week Dave and I just went through all of the songs we love to hear and added them to a playlist. *Bliss*

Can you tell I’m ready to go home and enjoy time with my family and the sun, sea and sand?! I don’t know how long it’ll take me to really adjust to this weather but I dislike it a lot. You can get dressed and be well covered but knowing you have to put on so much is … ugh! I’m dreaming of a hot Christmas! Anyway, deep down inside I would love to be baking and filling the house with wonderful, yummy smells, but it’s just Dave and I right now, and food will be wasted. The main issue with holding stuff here is we have quiet hours plus parking is kind of stink for visitors so I don’t like to entertain too often. If that wasn’t the case I’d probably be doing something every other month. I love entertaining! But it’s probably a good thing because I’d get chunky eating so much. However, until we move, I’ll use this time to experiment with healthier options as gluten and wheat are making an exit from my diet. It’s also helping me get closer to my 2pack as I don’t think I could get a 6.. I don’t like to see girls with 6 packs – freaks me out! My friend already said she’s dying for my apple crumble so I know I’ll definitely be doing that when I get home.

I went to Michael’s yesterday and I got a few knick knacks – gift bags, boxes, tins, Christmas cards and a cute Christmas mug. I didn’t have one of those so I thought it would make me feel more cheery drinking from it lol. And it has a ceramic lid as well, I can’t wait to use it! I might go and get another one and then post pics of both of them.  I’m awful with this follow up posting pics thing. I need to get into using the app on my phone more.

I’ve been extremely distracted writing this post, so I think I’ll end here and probably do a follow-up when I’ve settled myself and my mind isn’t racing over everything that has to be done. The gym is still in operation and as much as I’m loving the transformation taking place I’m hating the soreness. Almost wish I was a man so I didn’t have to sit to pee… all in the name of toned legs and a perky butt! *sigh*

No pain, No gain…


“Top Ten List”

About two Sundays ago, we had a visiting priest and his homily was so good I had to get a copy to share with you. I was really touched listening to this homily and I thought it would not be right for me to keep such a wonderful message to myself. The really good thing about this is, even if  you aren’t Christian so to speak, the majority of these ten things are good rules to live by as a human being.


10. Believe in each other. When we believe in people, we empower them.

9. Make love real. Love is a great idea, but if it only remains an idea, it won’t make any difference.

8. The Eucharist is not a reward for being good. (this I will list the entire passage as it’s a common misconception and beautifully interpreted here.)A doctor doesn’t tell us when we’re sick that taking a medication will help us get well, but then add, “You must be well before you take it.” Yet, we give that impression to people about Holy Communion. It is nourishment for people who are flawed, weak and in need of God’s help. Once and for all, let’s settle it. We are never worthy to receive Holy Communion, but that doesn’t matter because it’s not about our worthiness. It is about God’s unconditional love for us. The issue isn’t our desire to receive communion, but our desire to live in God’s love.

7. Stewardship is a way of life. We are stewards of God’s creation, of God’s gifts and grace.

6. It’s all a gift. Everything is God’s gift to us. We earned none of it, especially the love that is shown us by others. When we try to earn love, whatever we get in return will not be love, for love is always pure gift. The mystery is not death but the absolute wonder we call life.

5. We are called to unity with one another. But not just so we feel together. It is so the world may come to believe in Jesus.

4. We are made for relationship. It’s ultimately about us, not me or you.

3. We must love people the way they are. We cannot love a dream or a memory. If we do not love people the way they are, we don’t really love them at all.

2. Without forgiveness there is no future. If we do not forgive, there is no hope for peace.

1. We are on this earth to learn how to love. Since we were created in the divine image, and since we believe that God is love, the more loving we become, the more we image God and the more true joy we will find in life. Some of it’s lessons are difficult, to be sure. But if we fail to learn to love, we fail Humanity 101.