THE bag :)

Recently I’ve been piling more and more stuff into my handbag. I’m one of those people that if you asked for floss or a lint roller, chances are I’ll say yes I have it. I started my search for a new bag online, but I didn’t see anything that was calling to me. Today I went to a strip mall and there was a Nordstrom Rack, so I decided to check it out and there she was.. my baby. It’s by Patricia Nash. I never heard of her or the brand but when I went on the website when I got home, I REALLY loved her stuff! I think with this bag I’m still holding on to the structure and leather look that I love so much. I especially love the top, how it opens and closes – that metal spring closure. No more zips or magnets popping open. I don’t have measurements but it’s big enough that I know I can upgrade the size of my cosmetic bag to have more toiletries hahahaha!

What do you think?


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