I wish I was told what jacket/coat to buy!

I wish I inquired a little bit or someone told me about buying jackets for different seasons… especially for Seattle. It seems it should go like this:

Winter: (hooded) wool coat/puffer jacket

Spring: hooded lightweight jacket/blazer

Summer: same as Spring but a linen blazer

Fall: lined hooded anorak

Three years in and I still do not have all of these. So I intend to try to help someone else transitioning to a different climate with this post. I can say I am more aware of what I need but it’s just a matter of finding exactly what suits my style and wouldn’t decline my card haha. I have 3 pleather jackets (went crazy at with a sale for those), 1 wool coat, 1 peacoat with a detachable hood, 1 shearling cargo jacket, 1 hooded puffer vest, 1 hooded puffer jacket, 1 light denim jacket and I’m sure there are more but they aren’t coming to my head and I’m too comfortable to get up and check… So that’s about 9 jackets for now (not including blazers of which there are 4). Seattle isn’t know for being the warmest place and I find it interesting that I have just been randomly collecting jackets and not really understanding the seasons and the weather that comes with it. Just like my boot collection – I’m yet to get a pair of snow boots which Dave and I will both have a pair by the end of Winter. But now I know, and I’m making a conscious effort to buy the right thing and not just buy because it looks good. I mean, of course I will buy extra if I find a great deal but it’s not a priority.

While I was home, I was online looking for coats. I found one on Old Navy (click for link to the anorak) that had a removable liner (perfect for Spring/Summer/Fall) and I ordered it in a S but needed an XS. Unfortunately the cut just was not suiting my body type and my husband and friend told me I should return it lol so I shall tomorrow…








I ordered another jacket around the same time from Asos that came yesterday and I have to say that this one is definitely a keeper. It fits perfectly (considering I was totally guessing my size) and hubz and friend approve it :D.








Seeing that I am yet to find a lighter coat for fall with a hood (after all it rains so much buying another coat without a hood would be useless) I will be on the hunt every chance I get to find the perfect coat.

To recap, here’s what would be useful:

  • Winter – (hooded) wool coat &/ puffer jacket
  • Spring – (hooded) lightweight jacket (“April showers”)/ blazer
  • Summer – nothing, but for Seattle a lightweight hooded jacket/ linen blazer
  • Fall – (hooded) lined jacket to brace you for the impending cold weather

I hope this helps!



Last month I “purchased” an app called Cloth and I just started using it today. The app is free but if you want the filters and weather (to help you categorize the type of weather your outfit is suited for) you pay $0.99. I’m so happy about Cloth that I wanted to share my thoughts on it! I’d found out about it in an article by Mashable.com (← click for article). I downloaded all of the free ones just because I didn’t want to forget to get them and I didn’t want to spend money on apps that weren’t for me and it would be a waste of money.

I’ll be going home for a wedding next month, but prior to that my parents will be here then we all leave together. So I got to thinking that packing would be quite interesting if we’re out doing stuff with them and I won’t have my usual time to think through outfits that I want to take. That’s when I pulled out my phone, went looking at all the apps I’d bought about “digitizing your wardrobe” and I found that Cloth suited my needs to a T! So off I went snapping away :).


You can take the pictures while wearing the outfits but I just want to have a general idea of an outfit so I laid mine out on the floor and started taking pics to just build up ideas. I managed to get about 6 outfits done but we’re having a pretty hot day in Seattle for once and the heat got the best of me so I decided to take a break. You can share your entries on Clothapp.com, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter as well. As far as picture saving goes, you have the option of just keeping the pictures within the app or saving them to your Camera roll (I really like that).

You have 7 categories (some seen below). The only issue I have here is that you cannot customize them. I would LOVE to customize the categories but for now I’m just adding tags for what I’d use in place of a category. You can also receive badges for your entries but I’m not interested in that right now. I went in with a purpose and further exploration will be done later.

Some of the categories

As I said, the main purpose of me using this app is a means of “pre-packing” planning. I’ll be adding more outfits as the days go by but for now, I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far. I always told my husband that an app like this would be icing on the cake. I’m kind of happy I switched from Blackberry to iPhone now or else I’d still be living in the shadows lol. If you’re a budding fashionista or professional, I think this app is great. You can always have an idea of how you wore an outfit and how you may be able to change it up for another occasion. So go on and check it out!


Yada, Yada, Yada

I figured I’d take the time today to just throw some random stuff out there 🙂 and thank you for your support of my blog of rambling.. it’s just a dash of everything after all ;).

I finally got black flats! *Yay!* I don’t remember if I mentioned what happened to the last pair I bought but it basically went like this:

I went to the mall while my husband had a casual business meeting, so while I was waiting for him to pick me up after I finished what I went there to do, I was walking around Nordstrom looking for some flats. Spring was around the corner and I wanted some as I was tired of boots. At first I called him and told him to come inside because I couldn’t decide on a pair, then I found a pair and told him don’t bother, I’ll meet him outside so he doesn’t have to park. When we got home, I tried on the shoes and showed him… you can basically say he fell off the chair laughing.. (*side note* my husband thinks all flats are granny shoes and they all look bad but some just look worse than others) He told me to return them and we’ll go shopping for a pair together. Now, I know my husband and I knew he wasn’t going to go so it took me a little while but I kept looking and I found these babies: The Cole Haan ‘Air Monica’ Ballet Flat *Angels singing: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh*

Having these shoes are major for me right now because I’m supposed to be taking a break from heels. I twisted my ankle 3 times (yes 3, in a row) running to the car in my shoes on my birthday night… please don’t ask what happened, it just happened… So my chiropractor asked me to take a break, I can wear heels if I have to but preferably wear flats. *sigh* But these are super comfy! I was looking at the Tory Burch flats but they were rubbing on my big toe on the right foot and had to be broken in, I wasn’t paying $200+ to break in shoes so I made sure I got a pair I could run a marathon in. I don’t do marathons.

Next, I got highlights. No pics yet, I’m getting a cut in two weeks when I go for my relaxer so I’ll post a pic of that then. I’m really excited about my hair and miserable at the same time. Last weekend I was a bit obsessed with a certain hairstyle.. plaits! I washed my hair Friday and seeing that it’s always puffy, I tried to tame it and do something different. I was tired of the middle and side part and was definitely not curling it so I decided to do two plaits and pull them back. Saturday was a single plait across the front, and Sunday ended the little phase with two again.  Hubby decided he doesn’t care if I grow or cut but just don’t go pixie short again. I think I’ll go through with growing but I am getting frustrated and I will continue to look for ways to not feel as bored with it. Here’s a pic of Friday’s hair and outfit :).

Speaking of clothes, I ordered some shirts for my husband. He’s a software engineer so he’s pretty casual with what he wears to work and he loves shirts that have sayings on them. I ordered from a site that when you buy 3 you get 3 free so I got 5 for him and one for me. I’m dying to wear this shirt to a vegan place or somewhere where people aren’t huge fans of meat (is that mean? if it is I’ll only do it once ;)).

I have another shirt coming and I can only post that when hubs wears his as well as we’ll be matching and it’s kind of nerdy lol. I’m turning into a slight nerd since he makes me find out a lot of technical stuff on my own and only helps if I really fork it up lol.

I got my nails done yesterday before highlights. I was trying liquid gel over my natural nails and that didn’t work out. You see, I don’t believe in wearing gloves while washing up because I like to feel the surface of things to make sure the soap is off as well as any fine residue. Even when I use my dishwasher I’m running water over the wares before I put them in and I’m always washing my hands, so even though my nails are hard, they weaken with the water and break and split. So yesterday I decided to just put gel powder on them since that’s the only thing that does last longer than anything else. I had to get tips and cut off my nails as the girl took off a lot of my natural nail removing the liquid gel. I like my nails to look nice, I don’t always make a full on effort when I leave home but I think certain things should be… kept – eyebrows and nails. I went for a slight barbie pink and got quite a few compliments on it. I’ll keep these up and hopefully grow out the tips and just keep the gel on with my natural nails.

Oh I forgot to update! Hubs said he would do my make-up but not on camera *womp* I’ll see if I can get him to do it but hide the camera lol. And last but not least, I’m becoming a Belieber… if you don’t like this song, something is wrong with you!

xx 🙂