I wish I was told what jacket/coat to buy!

I wish I inquired a little bit or someone told me about buying jackets for different seasons… especially for Seattle. It seems it should go like this:

Winter: (hooded) wool coat/puffer jacket

Spring: hooded lightweight jacket/blazer

Summer: same as Spring but a linen blazer

Fall: lined hooded anorak

Three years in and I still do not have all of these. So I intend to try to help someone else transitioning to a different climate with this post. I can say I am more aware of what I need but it’s just a matter of finding exactly what suits my style and wouldn’t decline my card haha. I have 3 pleather jackets (went crazy at with a sale for those), 1 wool coat, 1 peacoat with a detachable hood, 1 shearling cargo jacket, 1 hooded puffer vest, 1 hooded puffer jacket, 1 light denim jacket and I’m sure there are more but they aren’t coming to my head and I’m too comfortable to get up and check… So that’s about 9 jackets for now (not including blazers of which there are 4). Seattle isn’t know for being the warmest place and I find it interesting that I have just been randomly collecting jackets and not really understanding the seasons and the weather that comes with it. Just like my boot collection – I’m yet to get a pair of snow boots which Dave and I will both have a pair by the end of Winter. But now I know, and I’m making a conscious effort to buy the right thing and not just buy because it looks good. I mean, of course I will buy extra if I find a great deal but it’s not a priority.

While I was home, I was online looking for coats. I found one on Old Navy (click for link to the anorak) that had a removable liner (perfect for Spring/Summer/Fall) and I ordered it in a S but needed an XS. Unfortunately the cut just was not suiting my body type and my husband and friend told me I should return it lol so I shall tomorrow…








I ordered another jacket around the same time from Asos that came yesterday and I have to say that this one is definitely a keeper. It fits perfectly (considering I was totally guessing my size) and hubz and friend approve it :D.








Seeing that I am yet to find a lighter coat for fall with a hood (after all it rains so much buying another coat without a hood would be useless) I will be on the hunt every chance I get to find the perfect coat.

To recap, here’s what would be useful:

  • Winter – (hooded) wool coat &/ puffer jacket
  • Spring – (hooded) lightweight jacket (“April showers”)/ blazer
  • Summer – nothing, but for Seattle a lightweight hooded jacket/ linen blazer
  • Fall – (hooded) lined jacket to brace you for the impending cold weather

I hope this helps!


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