I had this lingering in my drafts and forgot I was to post it! Sorry!!

Let me begin by saying I am a very observant person. I often got into trouble for it when I was younger because it led to lots of questions and you know adults get annoyed when you are inquisitive. I also like to people watch because people are interesting! This post is simply about my observances during a three hour layover, as I sat waiting for a flight from New York to Seattle, via Delta, that was practically the boondocks of the terminal.

yes, that is a pigeon under the chair… please excuse my lazy foot

Old Couple

She’s on the phone, well she’s on a call and has the person on speakerphone about one inch from her ear and not speaking English. I’m sorry that I don’t know the language because the call was so lengthy it would’ve been very interesting to hear what was going on. He sat eating something, but I was more aware of him cleaning his teeth. This was brought to my attention because I thought one of them was making a kissing sound to whomever was on the phone but I looked up and saw his mouth going like he was determined to get all the stubborn pieces out! Poor fella!! I later realised they were biscuits hahaha.

Delta staff (on break?)

As I mentioned before we were in the boondocks. I can only assume that these four people, sitting very relaxed across more than one chair were hiding and relaxing until they were needed, for over an hour… But they just reminded me of school kids playing hooky.

The Loud Delta Staff Phone Talker

(Unique titles.. I know :D) this guy sat away from the others and his conversation was for all 15 ppl in that area of the terminal at the time. [It was him who allowed me to know that the others were waiting on a flight to come in to help some people who required assistance.] He spoke of being ill and how his grandma would give them special soups and other remedies growing up and that’s how he got over whatever illness he just had – rest and soups. He hung up and then there was another call… This one was about business and I was HOPING that the person he was speaking to had a bad signal or was in a noisy area. He repeated himself soooo many times!! I knew way more than I needed to. And it didn’t end after that call! No sir! He met a colleague or manager and they stood behind me and spoke about politics and everything under JFK International Airport! My ears were chewed off. I couldn’t zone out if I wanted to :(.

So my question is: why are people so loud?!? I want to say namely Americans but it can be said for people with mobile phones in general. Why must everyone hear your conversation like you want them to be involved? Shall I just get involved next time? I want to… I want to jump in and drop remarks to throw you off because I feel like you are talking to me more than the person on the phone.

I heard “right, right, right” so many times I wanted to say “left” or “wrong” out loud for him to hear and wonder “wtf?” because that is exactly what I’m thinking! Maybe next time I’ll say it loud enough to my husband and have them wonder what’s going on.

[Side note: why do old people have food flying out of their mouth so much when they are eating? Is it the dentures? I think it’s major inspiration to look after my teeth even more than I do now… That’s so scary! Plus I don’t want to do that to my grand kids…]

I love traveling. I don’t always have the best experiences coming and going but my trips tend to be fun. We were in Boston from Tuesday to Friday because my husband gave his first talk at a conference (MonkeySpace) and I went for moral support. I slept Wednesday and Thursday while he was out even though the plan was to sleep Wednesday and visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace on Thursday. I do not regret sleeping. I’ve been going hard for the last 6 weeks or more and I got some much deserved rest.

It is always interesting to see and meet people in the tech industry because of the different personalities you encounter and I just find it very intriguing. I have a soft spot for nerds so I like to see how similar or different they can be in these settings. Always a treat for my inner psychologist lol!

Anyway the end of the year is almost here! And I’ll be working out with our old trainer soon again but at a different gym and we have all of the holidays coming up. Busy time again! But I’ll save that for another post :).


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