I’m married three years and this is still helpful… Like a little reminder 🙂 thanks!

Tamára Out Loud

Today’s guest post comes from Cory Copeland of Mad to Love. Cory is regularly smart, thoughtful, and funny. And for a guy who’s not married, he gives pretty solid relationship advice, too. Enjoy! –Tamara

(What’s up with all the guest posts around here lately?)


Let me start this post off with a bit of honesty: I have a divorce under my belt. I’m only 26. Winning? I think not.

I was married at the tender—yet foolish—age of 19. And though I felt I possessed all the romantic wisdom the world had to offer (who doesn’t at 19, right?!), my marriage didn’t last past the third year. Tears were shed, and lessons were learned. But what good are learned lessons if they aren’t shared?

Therefore, here and now, I present to you “Cory Copeland’s Tips to Staying Married” (but then again I’m divorced so take these with…

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