February Loves

This month I was introduced to quite a few items that I’m really excited about. So excited I’m blogging about them! I’ll start with the one I used a lot this weekend and was also my birthday gift from my parents.

I LOVE these colours!!! The major thing I learned once I started using eyeshadow “properly” is the importance of primer. Primer helps to bring out the true colours, prevent creasing and allow for longer wear of the eyeshadow. Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer (as seen with Naked) is one of the best I’ve used so far. The following picture was taken in the club after a few glasses of champagne so please excuse my facial expression (plus I was giving hubby some love) but I wanted to show you the eyeshadow (both Naked and Naked 2 were used) as well as my lashes. Favourite number 3 – lash extensions. My very good friend (the one who met me for yogurt) is currently in training for doing lash extensions. While there are many styles you can get, their primary purpose is to give you fuller lashes and somewhat eliminate the need for mascara. This set has been on for a full week now and they’re still going strong. They are supposed to last 2-4 weeks and you aren’t supposed to use oil based make-up removers with it. I thought they would be trouble with my contacts (taking the in and out) but they haven’t been a bother. If you live in Canada or Seattle check out Noir Lash Lounge.

I was reading a magazine (I think Glamour) and I saw that NARS had just come out with a new tinted moisturizer. So off I went to Nordstrom to get a sample (I love Nordstrom for that! Plus some products make me break out so I sample first). I received a sample of the tinted moisturizer and she gave me a sample of the oil-free primer to try as well, so far, another match made in heaven. No breakouts, lasted all day, and provided the right amount of coverage :). I got the tinted moisturizer in “Martinique”.

Today I picked up a fragrance that epitomizes Spring for me and I have labeled it as my Spring fragrance. “Wildbloom Vert” is a very crisp, clean and new scent by Banana Republic. I sprayed it on myself one day while browsing and I couldn’t stop smelling myself! It was also on sale but I had a 40% coupon that would’ve made it a better price than what they had so I waited ;). I think I will make this one of my main scents :D.

I have a few more things to try out for next month and if they make me as excited as this set did, maybe I’ll do another “favorites” post.

Hope you enjoyed!


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