Patience is key

I’m going to start off this post with what prompted me to write it – my broken nail. I find it a bit interesting that the same nail broke within less than two months. I don’t even want to ponder on why that happened… I’m more annoyed that I can’t keep a damn nail. In this post, I noted that I was trying liquid gel over my natural nails. That went left when I went for a touch up, she rushed it and I didn’t like the result after one week. So I removed them and then put on powdered gel. And this is the result. I just want nice nails!!!! Is that so hard? I have tried growing them again and again but I realised that the problem is I have my hands in water TOO much and that isn’t helping me at all. So I am going to remove the gel on my nails tonight and hope that Sally Hansen can get them to a nice hard length soon. I should also consider being more aware that these nails are not stone and can’t handle everything…


I don’t have much patience at all. It sucks but I’m coming to that conclusion. That’s good right? That I can acknowledge my weaknesses even though it may take me years to get them to a manageable level? Who knows. I’m a sulker. I sulk when I don’t get my way, but fortunately, I’ve been realising in my older years this doesn’t help shit either. So what do I do? Again, in my older years, I’ve been trying hard to pray for patience. Pray to be less stressed about that which I cannot control. Pray to be a stronger person. Pray for wisdom. Pray for humility, strength and guidance. No this isn’t about my nail anymore in case you were confused. This is about life.

Don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff. – Richard Carlson

Then why is it so hard for me? I’m still searching for the right answer. That will lead me to a peaceful, patient path in life where I am more relaxed. That tension headaches become a thing of the past. Shoot, I sound very controlling and anal. I’m not – at least not anal, I could take controlling. I just like order.

Change is inevitable. Change happens every day for us. Patience to see where change takes us is key. Patience to know if we’ve experienced a good or bad change and how to make it a positive experience for ourselves is important.

I sound rather pensive today. I am. I’m also tired and looking around at my empty walls of which I just removed all pictures and paintings and frames to pack into boxes for our move.

I like the change that’s coming. Even if it doesn’t go well in the beginning a lesson is always meant to be learnt from life.


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