Christmas Vacay

Happy New Year!

I don’t even know why I put vacay in the title. I went on a trip that left me feeling like I need a vacation. This won’t be a long post. I have too much going on mentally to give a detailed account on my experiences but I just want to share the gist of it.

I was “home for the holidays” and the trip started off with us missing our final flight to Barbados via Miami because our Dallas flight was delayed. As we got off the jet bridge we heard our names being called and started to sprint. Unbeknownst to us, sprinting or taking the Skytrain from gate D19 to D48 wouldn’t have made a difference. We learned that if you aren’t in your seat 15mins before the plane is set to take off they can legally give up your seat. Technically, if they don’t think you can make it in time from your connection, they would rebook you but with all of the oversold flights for Christmas, this was not an option. And standby is a bitch – watching a three planes take off and knowing you should be on one of them can do some shit to you especially when you have to wait up to 15mins before it takes off to know whether or not you’ll get on it. We left Dec 23rd and arrived after 2pm on Christmas day. To say I cried would be an understatement. I balled. The agents at the gate all had awful attitudes and just made a shitty situation worse. But it was those whom we encountered at the Rebooking Center and at the Admirals Club at D30 (special thanks to Tacia) that gave us hope in American Airlines and in humanity. Due to this experience, to say I’ve become more paranoid about flying won’t even begin to cover it and we have made some rules with regards to travelling home for Christmas.

Because of the day and a half set back to an already short trip, the trip felt rushed. There were some lovely moments, as is expected when visiting family and friends but it felt like there was toooo much to do in such a short space of time. We left on the 4th for Orlando for a wedding that my husband was the best man in. That part of the trip went smoothly. We had one delay returning to Seattle (in Dallas again) but at least it was our last flight and we were home.

You can check out my Instagram page for a few photos but I didn’t take a single photo with my camera. I forgot I had it sometimes and it seems I didn’t pack the charger either. Womp.

We have two more weddings to attend this year out of the country and my in-laws are planning to visit as well. Hubs and I still need a vacay just for us as we haven’t had one (where we didn’t know anyone where we went) since our honeymoon in 2010! Hopefully that will happen this year as well. I’ve posted on my other blog what I hope to achieve this year and there are other personal goals I’m keeping to myself because I don’t want to look back at them if they aren’t achieved.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to kick 2013’s ass and know that things can only get better :).


2 thoughts on “Christmas Vacay

  1. Sorry that your vacation wasn’t as planned but look at the bright side you did get to go home and you are blessed to travel. I loved your dress which you posted on your other blog, you looked stunning. Good luck with your goals for this year. I love your blog , I love that you speak your mind. Keep doing you. Blessings for 2013.

    1. Thank you! Yes I am very aware of the blessing in being able to travel, and seeing that I go so far to get home it sucked that I couldn’t really enjoy the time. I plan to blog a lot more this year so I hope you subscribed to my madness and wishing you a wonderful new year 🙂

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