“I’m living for the weekend…”

It’s finally here! My birthday weekend :). Tomorrow morning we’re off to San Francisco so that I can enjoy a little getaway with my husband that’ll include lots of dining (I LOVE the food there) and visiting beauty shops and relaxing! Can you tell I’m excited? Today was my daddy’s birthday, I miss celebrating together :(.

He’s been at a conference this week and I had a battle with my sinuses for most of the week and it’s easing up, so I can’t wait for our little trip.

I spent today doing laundry, cleaning and packing with a DJ Private Ryan mix (Soca Brainwash 2013) that gave me a little exercise because you can’t just listen to this music and not move. I also finished the bottle of prosecco in the fridge. I think that was two/three glasses… probably two but I really don’t remember, I was just trying to empty it and get it into the recycling bag. Either way, even though I was doing housework, I had a little workout and lots of fun doing it!

I plan to do very little on Monday (which is my birthday) so I was trying to make sure that when we came back in here wouldn’t require any work whatsoever. I don’t intend to get crazy drunk and not remember anything this weekend… I’m over the whole hangover thing. You waste a day recovering, I rather just not deal with it. I just want to enjoy the sun, food and shopping while I’m there. Even better… it’s all about ME! So my husband has to do whatever I want :D.

What are your plans for the weekend?

I plan to take lots of pictures and I will be posting on this and my other blog.

I hope you have a great weekend! I don’t even know if excited is the word anymore or it could be the prosecco taking over hahaha! Anywho! Lots of love and have a safe weekend!


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