Over the weekend, my husband and I headed to San Francisco for a little pre-birthday trip. I wanted to go. There was food to be eaten and places to be seen.

Seeing that this was my third trip there, I wasn’t as camera happy as I should’ve been but I did get some pics of stuff and I definitely didn’t get pics of things that I should have.

I wanted to visit a Benefit Cosmetics Boutique. Last time I was there and saw one, it was closed so that was priority on my list! You can read all about that visit here.

I wanted to eat at what I’m now officially calling my favorite restaurant: Cha Cha Cha. I wrote about it after my first trip to San Francisco. I did get a picture of the sangria, they’re known for it… I had to. I had four (short) glasses… I don’t remember the last time I drank like that, I’m a lightweight now lol.


So to sum up Friday: left early in the morning, slept in hotel for a few hours, went to lunch, then Benefit Boutique, back to hotel, slept/rested some more until dinner at Cha Cha Cha. The details after are a little fuzzy… I remember walking back to the hotel but for the life of me I can’t remember if we went somewhere else. Oh yes we did!! It was an open air bar! Lol! I remember some sort of night cap where I didn’t drink anymore but the location just popped into my head lol. I think it was called Jones. Yes Jones… Hahaha I love how it’s all coming back to me now.

Saturday, I originally wanted to go to brunch at Mission Beach Cafe again but we got up late and I just wanted tea. Yes tea. A little hungover and I wanted my Chai tea latte. Every one kept saying to try Peets so I ditched my usual (Starbucks) to try Peets Chai tea latte… This was my face after I first tried it:

Peets Masala Chai tea latte reaction
Peets Masala Chai tea latte reaction

It was sooo bitter! I didn’t like it at all! I’m sorry for those of you who believe in Peets and think I’m crazy but that shit did not taste good! As you can see I was no longer in the coffee shop so I just threw that away. We headed to Burger Bar in Union Square because it’s my husband’s favorite burger place in Vegas and he wanted to try it in there. They didn’t have his lamb burger but he said it was O.K.

After, we were walking off our food and I realised I had a lot of air in my right shoe… my moccasin was beginning to unravel. So we headed to the Westfield mall for me to get some shoes and checked it out. Another must have was to finally get some artwork from the market in front of the ferry building so we eventually got there and I got my two pieces. Pics of those will come later. I also like collecting mugs whenever I travel somewhere. It’s not exactly working out for my cupboard but I think it’s important to have pieces that would be practical as souvenirs. I got it from the airport as I didn’t see any mugs down there.

On our way back to the hotel we had to get around all of the crowds who were gathering for the Chinese New Year parade. Wish I knew before booking our hotel it was going on. We had a reservation for dinner, but we were so tired from walking for the whole afternoon, I cancelled them and we got room service. We came to the conclusion that we’re the worst tourists. We don’t feel bad. You can’t always burn yourself out and not enjoy what you would like to because you’re so tired.

We left Sunday morning and I slept for over four hours after we got back. Today is the birthday and I have a massage booked and I don’t plan on doing much. I actually want this to be a pretty laid back celebration. My husband has to plan anything he wants me to do as I am not planning shit. Lazy much? Don’t care. I feel like I need to just rest. I’ve had too much going on recently and a low-key celebration is still a celebration of which I won’t be even more tired after and that sounds pretty good to me!


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