#2weddingsandaconference #travelchronicles

I was hoping to be sharing the first post of my vacation from Dominica. Instead I’m currently stuck in Miami after my flight from Seattle left at 2.50am when it was to leave at 9.50pm originally. What a ripple effect it’s caused! Therefore, I missed my connecting flight to Barbados and now have to overnight at home and book a new one way ticket to Dominica in the morning. Hopefully I won’t be rushing to the wedding that is to start at 3pm.

I was driving to pick up my husband from work yesterday when I received a call from American Airlines saying my flight was now departing at 10.30pm. I moved our pickup time down to 8 pm. At the gate, we learned that it’ll now be leaving at 11.15pm. Ok, no panic necessary, our connecting flight leaving Miami was to leave at 10.15am so we still had time.

No. We don’t have time. Nervous stomach sets in but is cut short by the sleep I’m fighting. The plane that we were to board for 11.15 has an engine problem and they’ll use the plane arriving at 12.15am. BUT we can put that thought to rest because this plane has a mechanical error and the agents are only rebooking people who have a connecting fight before 9.30am, and then they disappeared. But we were only given the announcement after 1am about the issues and now I know we’re not making it to Dominica tonight.

Considering all that went down at Christmas (we were stuck in Miami for a day and a half and left on Christmas Day because they gave up our seats even though they knew our flight was delayed) I just wanted a stress-free trip.

#2weddingsandaconference and #travelchronicles are two hash tags I’ll be using this trip on Instagram and Twitter. As you can tell, this trip is for two weddings that we have to attend and a conference, the location will be told closer to when I leave but I can tell you it’s not very close to the Caribbean or Seattle. There’s a lot more traveling to come so we’ll see of this is setting the tone or just one fuckup at the beginning.

Time will tell.


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