The Ultimate Chanel guide

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I’ve wanted a Classic flap by Chanel for as long as I can remember, it is such a timeless, classic and effortless piece. With regards to Chanel there are so many options to keep in mind before purchasing an item such as: sizes, leather types, hardware or color. After hours of research, I will try my very best to paint out a pretty accurate picture of the different variations, styles and price-points.


The different Classic Flap variations

1. Different sizes

There are initially 6 different sizes to choose from with regards to the classic flap: The mini Mini, Mini, Small, Medium/large, Jumbo and the Maxi. For me, because I am only 160cm (around 5.2), I think the two larger sizes would look huge compared to how short I am, so If you are around my height the Small or the Medium/large are usually preferred.

Prices as of July 5, 2012

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