It’s the first day of Summer and I’m sick

For the whole week I felt like shit. I couldn’t tell you what was going on. I had a slight, tingly, sore throat and then this morning my head felt heavy and I’m a little congested. I’ve also had one of those “pains in my head” where its like a headache starting but it doesn’t exactly want to and just makes you miserable because it’s miserable itself. So I decided to go to Rite Aid after I dropped off the Mr and see what they had to say at the pharmacy. The pharmacist suggested Advil Cold and Sinus and an hour later, I’m still waiting for it to kick in. 

The weather is somewhat nice. I want to enjoy it. I want to go out and be happy. But no. I’m at home, trying to clean in spurts because I’m getting short of breath if I do too much at once. So I clean and sit. Like now, where I’m spilling my misery on to you. I also feel like a sneeze is brewing so my face looks permanently disgusted but I’m not. I just want to sneeze but I won’t. For the last two weeks I’ve been telling my husband I’m going to be sick and now something is happening. Why was I so stubborn and not taking my vitamins?!? 😦 

I feel like my face looks swollen and I tried doing something with my hair, putting on makeup and a pretty dress to feel good but I’m not sure how good I’m feeling. I want to curl up in bed, and maybe I should, but I’ve put off doing things around the apartment for the whole week and now when I feel at my worse, in here looks it’s worse. I can’t ask David because I’ll have to be too specific with how I want things done and it’ll only make me want to do things myself instead of ask him so I sit here taking breaks while doing things, and he is at work.

Damn I sound miserable today. I am though. My back still hurts. My cooking hasn’t been the best this week. In here needs to be cleaned… I hope next week is better.  

How are you enjoying the first day of Summer? Don’t mind my misery. Please. 

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