Chicken Burgers

I’m back with a recipe! I decided to semi-document this one because my husband asked for them again within one month. I may have mentioned before that I cook dinner Sunday – Thursday, breakfast is almost every day depending on the schedule and lunch is normally leftovers. With Thursday being my “end of the week” for cooking, we turned it into something fun and called it “Fast Food Thursdays” – I cook something that is considered a fast food or not our normal dinner, something fun. We started it by buying fresh burgers from the supermarket but I decided to try my hand at it. Burgers and meatballs are basically the same ingredients so I tried Turkey burgers the first time, then meatballs with ground beef and my latest hit was chicken burgers. I even gave two to my trainer and she loved them. So I’m going to share this simple recipe with you. It’s something that you can make before going to work and let marinate so that they’ll be rich and flavorful when you’re ready to cook them in the evening.


1 lb chicken breast

1/4 cup bread crumbs

1 egg

1-2 tbs onion

1 clove garlic (optional)

Parmesan cheese (shaved//optional)

Spices & herbs (I added about 1/4-1/2 tsp of all seen below, but it’s really you’re preference and the flavor you’re looking to achieve)

Spices & herbs
Spices & herbs


Combine all ingredients together, and mix well. I used an ice cream scoop to portion it out, and then pressed them with a fork to half inch thick and let set.  

All ingredients mixed together
All ingredients mixed together
Prepped for storage
Prepped for storage

I was able to get about 6 burgers from this batch as I wanted a little more thickness to it. I put 4 aside to freeze as we’ll only have two tonight. I cook my burgers in the pan, not in the oven, and I don’t like to press them too much, I like them to stay thick and juicy. I added the parmesan cheese last time into the mix but I wanted to try it without this time and I’ll add it after. I used shaved parmesan not the one everyone sprinkles on hot dogs. I also left out the fresh garlic because I was being lazy but the last time it did taste good. Again, everything is optional. I like sharing recipes that give you the option to experiment as well or you can follow mine.

Please let me know if you try it and how it comes out. I’ll post a picture on Instagram later with mine cooked.

Happy Fast Food Thursday!


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