Bits of Home

Last weekend I had what I’d call a Bajan weekend. On Saturday, I decided to try my hand at coconut bread (we call it Sweet Bread) and I felt like if I was going to do something so reminiscent of home, I could only carry on the theme for the whole weekend. Needless to say, my first time at Coconut bread was a hit as I did several mini loaves and posted a pic of them on Facebook alerting my other Caribbean people up here and that it was a first come, first serve.

Coconut Bread (Sweet Bread)
Coconut Bread (Sweet Bread)

I wasn’t ready for what was about to ensue. Four were collected by the end of the day and everyone who tasted it, loved it.

Now I’m not a chef, (I’ve ruined quite a few meals recently and in the past, ask my husband @davidfowl) but my mother passed on enforced some of her cooking skills upon me. I’ve managed to work up a reputation that if I say I’m going to try cooking something or give someone something to taste that I’ve cooked, it’s greeted with open hands, that reach out for more.

It’s always a good compliment and you want to do more even when the recipe calls for a lot of work. 

I hadn’t done a “Sunday Lunch” for a long time for my husband as I’m trying to work on my diet for health reasons. But since I’m not supposed to have coconut I figured this weekend I’d just take a break as I just needed to have this reminder of home. Needless to say my husband was very excited. He loves to eat. I started Saturday evening (yup after all that baking) so that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed on Sunday. I invited a couple that we spend most weekends with to enjoy the food and company as we recently went by them for dinner and they gave us a some traditional Armenian food that was amazing! I didn’t get pics of lunch (sorry! I just dove in and ate). But the spread included flying fish, macaroni pie, rice and peas, gravy and my husband’s cucumber salad. It was good!!!!!!!!!

I won’t be sharing my own recipe for the Coconut bread but I can research one if you want. We’re keeping certain recipes within the family and I love it that way. I’ve been here for 5 years now, and my love for home grows every time I try to recreate a dish I grew up on especially after having to hunt for ingredients that are close to what I get from home.

Barbados will always be home :).



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