It Can’t Hurt

I was in dire need of retail therapy today. We had a lovely day yesterday for our anniversary but we went to an appointment this morning that didn’t leave me in the best of moods.

When I dropped my husband off at work, I said: “gonna be a retail therapy day…” He smiled and went on his way. Little did I know how much therapy I was about to receive.

I went to Neiman Marcus to see if they had any bags I may be interested in and as I was ready to leave, this lady pops up and asks me if I’ve seen the “it” bag for Fall. I said no and followed her over to it. She was bubbly and full of life I couldn’t resist. She wasn’t the average salesperson trying to get a sale out of you. I sensed that.

Long story short – we ended up speaking for about 45mins (could be less or more but it was long) after she helped me decide on a bag that they didn’t have in the color I wanted.

We spoke about things that people who’ve known me for longer than 45mins don’t know about. Therapy. Most of all, it was the connection felt and shared over life stories. She is a little older than I am but her words weren’t maternal in nature and she brought comfort to me.

Kristen, you’ve given me that push to Let go and Let God. That the average American isn’t atheist nor a Pentecostal pushing their beliefs down my small Catholic throat, but that where there is that common understanding that He exists and you’re not alone, we can get through whatever life throws in our face.

Thank you.

Sometimes, it can’t hurt to open up to strangers. You never know what may come your way.

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