I check WordPress daily just to see how my blogs are doing. Recently, I’ve just been opening and closing the page as I just haven’t felt anything worth sharing. I don’t know what makes this post worth sharing but I decided to just start typing and see where it goes. Writer’s block is real!

I’ve been trying to change out the our wardrobes which meant pulling out warm weather clothes and getting rid of clothes we don’t wear anymore. That turned out to be more than I thought it would be. It’s Wednesday and I finally put everything away tonight from last Thursday or Friday. I just got so overwhelmed I left the stuff wherever it was. I also have a huge bag full of clothes to go to Goodwill or wherever. I’d love to give them to St. Vincent de Paul put I don’t think there’s a place to drop it off in Bellevue anymore and I’m sorry but I’m not driving over to somewhere in Seattle I don’t know just to drop off a bag of clothes. I probably put 2 or 3 bags of clothes to recycling that weren’t in good enough condition to donate. I had enough. I don’t know if we’ll be moving to another apartment or buying a house or whatever soon but I just don’t want/need extra unnecessary stuff hanging out to be transported from place to place.

I’ve given up eaten anything white for Lent – white flour, white potato and white rice. I also happened to peak at my heaviest weight somehow so you can imagine how up and down I’ve been emotionally. I’ve seen a little progress in a slightly flatter stomach but I’m nowhere near losing the 5lbs I was trying to lose during the month of March with a friend. I have gotten into working out a little more/ meeting my 10k steps goal on my Fitbit so some positive change is better than none.

It’s amazing that we’re getting older and as much as we want to have dessert for lunch or dinner, we just can’t if we want to maintain/achieve a certain body type. I don’t like this weight but losing it is hard. I pulled out a dress that I wore for my 25th birthday and the goal is to get back into that dress by the end of September without having it cling to my body. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m ready for a lot of changes. Changes that aren’t easy to come by but I’m trying to be patient and occupy myself with other things. Luckily when I look at what’s on our calendar for up to January (yes, so far out!) I know that all I have to do for now is focus on writing and getting my mojo back and getting down to my goal weight.

bla bla bla…


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