Maternal Instinct

If there’s one thing I’m learning more and more being a mom, is that my gut is right more than it is ever wrong. The only thing worse than this is trying to fix whatever is wrong and having someone be dismissive and shut you down when you know you’re right.

My son has eczema. Normally after two days of treatment and moisturizing his skin one extra time during the day, his eczema would clear up. Recently, he’s had these little patches that he’s been scratching, and nothing was working on these patches. None of his prescription eczema creams or using extra lotion on his skin. Also, he only scratched when he was very sleepy, but now he was scratching throughout the day and also trying to pull off shirts, so I tried to keep him in onesies more. So I made an appointment and took him to the dermatologist.

It took me saying more than 3 times that his spots weren’t responding to the eczema treatments I’d normally do. After the doctor decided to take a closer look, she said it may be something viral but she needs to confirm because she’s only seen it on adults but not on babies, and she’s heard of teenagers having it as well. She got her pediatric journal and sure enough, it’s been recorded on babies as young as 3 months.

I’m not going to be one of those mothers posting my experience and making you run to webMD to see if your child has the same thing (I HATE those posts), I’m posting this because I want to emphasize that you trust your gut and don’t back down. Doctors don’t live with our families, as parents, we’re there everyday and more observant. So if I take time and come to you because I know that something isn’t right, I want you to hear me out and not rush me out of your office. You got the wrong mom if you think that’s going to happen.

My son will be a year next month. A whole year he’s been in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way with his cheeky little self. But I’ll be damned if you don’t take me seriously when I bring him to you with a concern. Call it maternal instinct… but from very early, my husband told me always go with that gut feeling when I’ve acted on it with regards to our son. I may second-guess it sometimes with other things, but never when it comes to him. He’s my life now and I don’t know what I’d do without him. And I don’t think you’ll ever see me again if you try to make me think that my concern isn’t valid. My dermatologist got a second chance because she realized and peered deeper. Otherwise, our doctor-patient relationship was over if she said it just looked like eczema again.

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