F U Fitbit… but… Thank you too

Before I get into today’s post, sorry I missed Friday. Baby was sick and teething, and on Friday, those teeth finally broke the gum. He’s not even 6 months yet and needless to say, we’ve had some long cranky days and nights. Blogging was not on my mind at all. But I’m back with some Monday “humor”… at my expense of course.

We’ve had our Fitbit Aria Scale for over almost two years. Around early Summer last year, I stopped wearing my fitbit. I couldn’t exercise due to IVF treatment and then I needed to get to a certain point in my pregnancy to be given the OK to exercise. When that happened, my Fitbit went on the shelf. After having baby, I couldn’t wear it for fear of scratching him or it hurting him as I cradled him in my arms.

Since I’m now on the path to losing weight, I’d occasionally check my weight on the Aria in the morning. As far as I knew, I was down 3lbs from my plateau weight. However, yesterday morning, I stepped on the scale and it said I was down SEVEN pounds. WHAT!? I went for our old digital scale to see if it was in agreement.




Old trusty scale showed that I never lost 3 or 7 pounds but gained 1 pound on the plateau weight.


Now, my clue for Aria screwing around was that it often thought I was my husband… My husband who hasn’t worn his Fitbit for an even longer period than me but I thought that shouldn’t have anything to do with the weight of whoever is stepping on the scale. That thing is busted! It happened before, and our weights were fluctuating like crazy, but I thought it was malfunctioning because the batteries needed changing, but it is clear that this scale is just trying to screw with us. I told my husband to go check his weight on the other scale, and he too, was heavier than what he thought all along.

So, to Fitbit. Thank you.

Thank you for giving me a renewed drive.

I will eat only half of those fries next time. I will get a new Fitbit (yea I’m actually going to give them more money after they screwed with my weight). I will work harder to achieve what your scale led me to believe. I will also, not use that scale again. I will do more walking when it’s not raining. I can do overcast or a little sprinkle but not showers. I will come down to the last weight the Aria was able to show me. And I will never step on it again.

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