Michael’s (haul)

Michael’s (haul)

This morning I went to Michael’s with one thing in mind. I told myself I will not stray but obviously that didn’t work. I wanted to get baskets to store my toiletries in because I’m trying to have more organization around here. Yes everything is stacked up neatly, but I just wanted them to be grouped in containers that I could find them better. Well I got my baskets and I just couldn’t help but go in search of other goodies! So let’s start this haul!

After I decided on 3 baskets, I went looking for invitation ideas. As I said before, we’re moving, and I want to do a housewarming and be a little old fashioned with invites. I love my craft as well so I wasn’t just looking for regular invitations. In searching for note cards with our last name initial on it, I got awfully sidelined and ended up getting more stuff than I could ever imagine. Everything was under $2!!!

Cards, stamps and ink pads

I have a fascination with notebooks/journals/paper. When I saw these journals I thought ok, maybe one Symone… But nooooo! They all looked so pretty I couldn’t help but get these (there were more but these were my fave, so imagine my heartbreak!). I also found a memo cube with our initial so I picked that up as well. I believe in writing notes, I don’t always remember to check the extra notes in my phone >_<.

journals and memo cube

Next, I picked up some trinkets for my dresser. I’m trying to make my space more feminine and personal. I thought these frames were adorable (and in my colours) and I love the ceramic owls for dropping my daily jewelry must-haves in if I’m too lazy to put them up properly.

picture frames and trinket trays

For my last two items, the colour drew me in more than anything. I love the colours for the coupon folder! I got this so that I can now free up my purse. The size is perfect to drop into my handbag, and it’s cute! I never liked the plastic ones people use and I don’t carry that many coupons to have something that big. The other set of paper so neatly wrapped up are recipe cards. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while (the white index cards just aren’t doing it for me). I know I’ll be on the hunt for a cute box to store them in that is kitchen-friendly. Maybe I may pull out recipes more now haha!

recipe cards and coupon folder

I only decided to do this post after I packed everything away in the baskets so another time I’ll take things out and take pictures. The baskets were also a very good deal. Michael’s has 40% off all Ashland baskets so I paid under $30 for 3 baskets! I love Michael’s! I could get lost in there for hours but I still need money to buy other goodies hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


DIY Attempt #1

Just over a week ago I made my first attempt at dressing my mason jars. I didn’t have everything that the blog post I used as a reference had but I had other things that I wanted to use. The idea actually came to me while my husband and I were out. Luckily he was driving and I whipped out my phone and made a note of the idea. I’d bought these two drawings/paintings from Ikea – basically black thick squiggly lines on a white background – and I bought two thick black frames to put them in, they were my inspiration along with this black and white print material that had several prints on it. Just like that, while in the car, this idea popped into my head – dress the mason jar in the material, add a bow and voilà! I felt so fussy with myself and even more importantly – inspired. I didn’t have doilies but this was a rather good substitute. I think I’ll be using this as either as a vase with some white flowers or to hold potpourri.

I’ve got my craft bag there and I’ll be jotting down ideas as they come but I’m very excited to keep up with these little projects. I got back into my cleaning mode today and did a killer job cleaning our guest bedroom today and I’m working really hard to get the dining room done as soon as possible – hopefully by the end of the week.


I hope you enjoyed this little post and I look forward to sharing more DIY projects with you 🙂