R-E-S-P-E-C-T you’ll find out what it means to me

I live in a high rise where you pay a pretty penny for parking and a penny and a half if you want a reserved spot. In October I think, we decided to get a reserved spot as it was getting annoying having to drive around looking for open spots all hours of the day and our apartment is right next to the garage door. It was even more annoying when we’d go partying and have to park a few levels down to get a spot. Paying the extra for the reserved spot would be worth it as we would save ourselves the headache.

Now, when you move into the building and get your keys and the garage opener, you’re told park anywhere EXCEPT for the reserved spots. To my horror, when we came home after 11pm on Saturday night, I found a car, parked awfully in our spot. I was enraged. This isn’t just about being lazy, you blatantly have no respect for people. This also wasn’t the first time it happened to us. I took a picture of the license plate and the car sticker for the building and was hoping someone would be at concierge and it wasn’t too late.

While my husband parked the car in another spot, I went downstairs. Luckily someone was there, I gave them the info and asked them to just ask the person to move the car. I also have the opportunity to have the car towed but I know how much of an inconvenience that could be so it wasn’t an option for me. I also wrote this nice letter and placed it on their windscreen.

20130128-150001.jpgSunday morning, I go off to church around 8.35a and returned around 10.30a and the car was still there. I went inside, did breakfast, relaxed a bit and around 12 I checked and the car was still there so I went down to concierge. I told them to kindly find the person who drives that car and let them know I do not wish to have them towed but if it isn’t gone by 2pm (see I was being nice) it will be towed. Around 1pm I got a call from concierge asking if the person had moved because she couldn’t find the car but there was a miscommunication with the level I was on so I went and checked and sure enough the car was gone. I told her thanks for everything and moved my car into my spot.

There were several problems with this who scenario:

  1. the person had a sticker for the Department of Defense on their car – I’m sure you wouldn’t risk rolling into work and parking in your VP’s or anyone else’s reserved spot so why do it here?
  2. my husband was livid because it’s not like we get back money when we don’t have access to our spot when people do this (and as I said it wasn’t the first time).
  3. how could you think there would be no repercussions to you doing this?
  4. you don’t know me. You don’t know why I have this spot reserved here, you don’t know if I have health issues, you don’t know anything. You wouldn’t go and park in a handicapped reserved spot would you? In the same breath it could be said that I didn’t know what was wrong with them and if that is the case, go inside, do what you have to do and get someone to move that car because it’s not an open spot.

It’s simple – respect people and they will respect you. If we were to let people keep doing this no one would have respect for us. We’d be people you can walk over and I’m not ok with that.

I didn’t have any intention of being mean (I didn’t tow the car) I just wanted to get the point across that it would not be tolerated.

Yada, Yada, Yada

I figured I’d take the time today to just throw some random stuff out there 🙂 and thank you for your support of my blog of rambling.. it’s just a dash of everything after all ;).

I finally got black flats! *Yay!* I don’t remember if I mentioned what happened to the last pair I bought but it basically went like this:

I went to the mall while my husband had a casual business meeting, so while I was waiting for him to pick me up after I finished what I went there to do, I was walking around Nordstrom looking for some flats. Spring was around the corner and I wanted some as I was tired of boots. At first I called him and told him to come inside because I couldn’t decide on a pair, then I found a pair and told him don’t bother, I’ll meet him outside so he doesn’t have to park. When we got home, I tried on the shoes and showed him… you can basically say he fell off the chair laughing.. (*side note* my husband thinks all flats are granny shoes and they all look bad but some just look worse than others) He told me to return them and we’ll go shopping for a pair together. Now, I know my husband and I knew he wasn’t going to go so it took me a little while but I kept looking and I found these babies: The Cole Haan ‘Air Monica’ Ballet Flat *Angels singing: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh*

Having these shoes are major for me right now because I’m supposed to be taking a break from heels. I twisted my ankle 3 times (yes 3, in a row) running to the car in my shoes on my birthday night… please don’t ask what happened, it just happened… So my chiropractor asked me to take a break, I can wear heels if I have to but preferably wear flats. *sigh* But these are super comfy! I was looking at the Tory Burch flats but they were rubbing on my big toe on the right foot and had to be broken in, I wasn’t paying $200+ to break in shoes so I made sure I got a pair I could run a marathon in. I don’t do marathons.

Next, I got highlights. No pics yet, I’m getting a cut in two weeks when I go for my relaxer so I’ll post a pic of that then. I’m really excited about my hair and miserable at the same time. Last weekend I was a bit obsessed with a certain hairstyle.. plaits! I washed my hair Friday and seeing that it’s always puffy, I tried to tame it and do something different. I was tired of the middle and side part and was definitely not curling it so I decided to do two plaits and pull them back. Saturday was a single plait across the front, and Sunday ended the little phase with two again.  Hubby decided he doesn’t care if I grow or cut but just don’t go pixie short again. I think I’ll go through with growing but I am getting frustrated and I will continue to look for ways to not feel as bored with it. Here’s a pic of Friday’s hair and outfit :).

Speaking of clothes, I ordered some shirts for my husband. He’s a software engineer so he’s pretty casual with what he wears to work and he loves shirts that have sayings on them. I ordered from a site that when you buy 3 you get 3 free so I got 5 for him and one for me. I’m dying to wear this shirt to a vegan place or somewhere where people aren’t huge fans of meat (is that mean? if it is I’ll only do it once ;)).

I have another shirt coming and I can only post that when hubs wears his as well as we’ll be matching and it’s kind of nerdy lol. I’m turning into a slight nerd since he makes me find out a lot of technical stuff on my own and only helps if I really fork it up lol.

I got my nails done yesterday before highlights. I was trying liquid gel over my natural nails and that didn’t work out. You see, I don’t believe in wearing gloves while washing up because I like to feel the surface of things to make sure the soap is off as well as any fine residue. Even when I use my dishwasher I’m running water over the wares before I put them in and I’m always washing my hands, so even though my nails are hard, they weaken with the water and break and split. So yesterday I decided to just put gel powder on them since that’s the only thing that does last longer than anything else. I had to get tips and cut off my nails as the girl took off a lot of my natural nail removing the liquid gel. I like my nails to look nice, I don’t always make a full on effort when I leave home but I think certain things should be… kept – eyebrows and nails. I went for a slight barbie pink and got quite a few compliments on it. I’ll keep these up and hopefully grow out the tips and just keep the gel on with my natural nails.

Oh I forgot to update! Hubs said he would do my make-up but not on camera *womp* I’ll see if I can get him to do it but hide the camera lol. And last but not least, I’m becoming a Belieber… if you don’t like this song, something is wrong with you!

xx 🙂