Hei fra Norge!

Don’t recognize the language? Well I have a thing for learning different languages and I’ve been doing well in figuring out things most of the afternoon in NORWAY! Yes, the conference is in Norway! My talented husband was asked to speak at the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) and I let him know it was not an option to say no. Who knows if we’ll ever make it here on our own?! It was quite a trip from Barbados to here but we made it! It’s very beautiful and green. It’s also 12.51am and I am wide awake after sleeping for a few hours.

We flew to Miami from Barbados  at 7.15am, waited 5hrs in Miami and then flew to London overnight around 6pm (flight was delayed a half hour or so), waited about 3.5hrs in London and then left for the 2hr flight to Norway. Longest bit of travelling and it wasn’t bad as we didn’t encounter any drama whatsoever. I was shocked but also very pleased. Very tired and hungry as I was sick the morning we left. Sick, not hungover, I ate something at the wedding I probably shouldn’t have :(.

Barbados was lovely! I wouldn’t say it was relaxing but there were some lovely relaxing days in there. Definitely check my Instagram for pictures that I post when I have wifi lol. My friend’s wedding that occurred on the last day was what I considered nontraditional but simple, classy and every bit of fabulous! We weren’t very classy when the music came on but we had a blast lol.

The days before the wedding were filled so I was the energizer bunny from Thursday until today. We had her Hen Party (bachelorette party) Thursday night and catamaran cruise Friday afternoon (got a mini tan). Saturday morning we went for manis and pedis and then to lunch at her parents, I had to leave early for dinner with my in-laws. Sunday was the wedding, we were with her from around 12, the wedding was at 5.30pm. We left the wedding after 11pm, I passed out during the finale of Game of Thrones which I have to re-watch, woke up around 1.45am, got to packing and straight into getting ready for the airport as we left around 4.30am to get there for 5am. I had a lovely upset stomach all morning but we made it to Norway in one piece.

As much as I’m missing Bellevue, I’m happy for this experience. Two weddings and a conference is a lot for a “vacation” but it’s been quite an adventure that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I’ll have another post up when I get home with pics but if you’ve been following my journey, I just wanted to let you know where it ends (location) and a little update on Barbados.

Lots of love.


Nature Island

The last time you heard me I was trying to get to Dominica. We arrived Saturday morning after missing our other two flights and having to purchase another ticket on Liat as we had a special fare and they couldn’t change it. We arrived at our hotel – Portsmouth Beach Hotel around 9.30am and had breakfast while we waited for ur rooms to be finished. We then took a nap and got ready for the wedding.

In short, the wedding was lovely! The ceremony was held in the town of Colihaut and the reception was held at Fort Shirley in Cabrits National Park. It really was a beautiful location, especially seeing it lit up at night as we drove towards it.


Spent recovering from a massive hangover as I mixed wine and champagne and hardly ate during the day as I had a terrible upset stomach. There was a lot of rain, and it was a chill day as many were preparing to leave after being there for the whole week. That night, we headed to Massacre, very close to the capital Roseau. We stayed at a house with some friends and canceled our reservation at Fort Young Hotel.

Cabrits as viewed from Portsmouth Beach Hotel
Cabrits as viewed from Portsmouth Beach Hotel on a rainy day


I was woken up and told a taxi is picking us up and we’re going to the river. OK. We spent the afternoon at a river in Rosalie (I don’t know the name of the river) and I have to say, it was the best day of the trip. I overcame my fear of deep water to be baptized in this portion of a river. We were given a shot of rum then we had to hold on to a rope and pull ourselves across the river that had a strong current from the rains the night before. So much FUN!! Food was cooked there and there was a bar set up. Everything was a ready for a day at the river.

Food being prepared
Food being prepared
Drinks hut
Drinks hut
Used this rope to pull myself across to the other side :)
Used the rope to pull myself across to the other side 🙂 It’s very deep in the middle and the current was strong.
Clear waters at the river.
Clear waters at the river.
Up the river
Up the river


Was another chill day. We woke up late, and then headed down the hill to the shop to see what we could get for breakfast. I knew it was a bad idea to walk (there was a vehicle sitting in the garage that we could use) when after I lost the ability to control my speed going downhill 10 seconds out of the gate. It was a very steep hill. Coming back up was worse! It was like putting the treadmill on incline 15! I should say that Dominica is very mountainous. After that walk that left us panting and drenched in sweat, we decided to go downtown to put money on our phones and look for lunch. We had no maps, no GPS and no clue of where to go or how to get back home. Luckily we’d been to town once or twice with the groom so we had an idea but nothing significant to go by. While in town, we also grabbed a few souvenirs – mine was a shot glass as these are much easier to collect than mugs, as my cupboard has informed me.

Dominica shot glass


They don’t call Dominica the Nature Island for fun. They have 365 rivers – one for every day of the year. There is a reserved area for the Kalinago — or as most people know them to be, the Caribs. Whale watching can be done here, we didn’t go because we did that on our honeymoon in Maui. With the sulphur springs, many rivers and hiking trails, mountains and lush green lands, they’ve created a niche market in eco and nature tourism.

I will warn you of the potential of motion sickness while traveling around the country. The roads are built along the edges of the mountains, therefore there are a lot of sharp twists an turns and steep edges off of the roads. I couldn’t handle the sharp drops sometimes and I had to keep my eyes away from the window sometimes.

All in all it was a good trip.

Left: An iguana that greeted us on our first day at Breakfast.
Right top: view of Cabrits from the restaurant on the first day
Right bottom: Roseau on our last day.

I’m currently in Barbados enjoying family time until the festivities for the next wedding begin. I have so many pictures that I’m leaving it for another post. Hope you enjoyed this one.


#2weddingsandaconference #travelchronicles

I was hoping to be sharing the first post of my vacation from Dominica. Instead I’m currently stuck in Miami after my flight from Seattle left at 2.50am when it was to leave at 9.50pm originally. What a ripple effect it’s caused! Therefore, I missed my connecting flight to Barbados and now have to overnight at home and book a new one way ticket to Dominica in the morning. Hopefully I won’t be rushing to the wedding that is to start at 3pm.

I was driving to pick up my husband from work yesterday when I received a call from American Airlines saying my flight was now departing at 10.30pm. I moved our pickup time down to 8 pm. At the gate, we learned that it’ll now be leaving at 11.15pm. Ok, no panic necessary, our connecting flight leaving Miami was to leave at 10.15am so we still had time.

No. We don’t have time. Nervous stomach sets in but is cut short by the sleep I’m fighting. The plane that we were to board for 11.15 has an engine problem and they’ll use the plane arriving at 12.15am. BUT we can put that thought to rest because this plane has a mechanical error and the agents are only rebooking people who have a connecting fight before 9.30am, and then they disappeared. But we were only given the announcement after 1am about the issues and now I know we’re not making it to Dominica tonight.

Considering all that went down at Christmas (we were stuck in Miami for a day and a half and left on Christmas Day because they gave up our seats even though they knew our flight was delayed) I just wanted a stress-free trip.

#2weddingsandaconference and #travelchronicles are two hash tags I’ll be using this trip on Instagram and Twitter. As you can tell, this trip is for two weddings that we have to attend and a conference, the location will be told closer to when I leave but I can tell you it’s not very close to the Caribbean or Seattle. There’s a lot more traveling to come so we’ll see of this is setting the tone or just one fuckup at the beginning.

Time will tell.