Be Thankful!

Everyday, things are put into perspective for you. You can either be positive or negative, focus your energy on something else that deserves it or accept your findings and move along. There will never be a balance in life. Someone can have all of the money in the world and purchase everything they want but be unhappy because family is not in sync or they cannot be as carefree and normal as someone who is considered the “average joe”. Then on the other side you have the “average joe” who longs for a little more money to be comfortable in life and not have to worry about what he will use his next paycheck for or if it is even spent before he gets it. As humans, something will always be out of balance no matter what we want other people to think. 

EVERY day I have to tell myself be thankful. Sometimes no matter how many times I say it, I’m so hurt or upset about things not going my way that I’m consumed by the things of this world and not focused on the greater good – life. Life where all of my needs are met and I don’t have any “worries”. But I do. Every person has certain core desires that can often leave a person to feel empty and out of place when these desires aren’t met or attended to as often as they should be. Get your mind out of the gutter, can’t you see I’m being emotional here? Let me elaborate. Doctors choose that profession because they have this desire to help people, save them and make their lives better or they had to because their parents made them. Better? Mine is to nurture. As I may have said multiple times, I was a sitter when I lived in Barbados. 

When I started, it was truly a test. I had little patience and my tolerance level was 1/10. My mother often said she’ll be sorry for the kids I have as I won’t be an easy mother, but when I got into it, things changed – a lot. I came around to understanding how smart children are and with that my patience and tolerance grew. It’s been about 2 1/2 years that my desire to nurture has been suppressed by not babysitting- no more clients or my nephew or niece to look after. This seems like forever considering it was a part of my daily life for about 3 years prior to moving here. 

What does this have to do with “be thankful”? Simply put, as my desire is suppressed by not having something or someone to nurture, I have to remember to put life in perspective and to also share this as a reminder to whoever may be reading,  and I’ve shared something about myself to help you understand. Sometimes our desires take over and we become overwhelmed by them that we come across as ungrateful for the many other blessings that we have. And maybe, just maybe, God has heard our cry and is just waiting for us to stop throwing our tantrums whether internal or external. We often look at what we want and aren’t able to get as opposed to what we have and should be thankful for. Maybe my desire isn’t attended to as I’d like it to be but maybe when I become aware and thankful for what I have things may change and start to work in my favor as sulking isn’t helping me one bit. 

Some people have jobs but cry about the money, what about those who would love a job and the pennies you think you’re receiving now? How about being thankful that you can “hate Mondays” as the first day of the week for work when others would like to have that thought. You love food? I do too. You love to try new restaurants and call yourself a foodie? Good for you, be thankful that you can leave your job and pick up food on the way and not be drinking hot water at night to break the air because you haven’t eaten for days. One word – RECESSION. There is soooo much going on in the world that sometimes when people complain and get petty about material things, I get annoyed that they don’t realize how privileged they are to even consider complaining about it. I complain as well but then 2 seconds later I’m jolted back into reality and become thankful. When you go through life complaining and whining about what you don’t have, you block every blessing that is trying to pass through your window of opportunities.

It’s OK if you’re wondering who am I to speak on this stuff. I don’t even know myself. All I know is I was feeling to write about how I felt it helped me see a blessing and why should I just keep it to myself and not share with you? I do not write about being positive to sound like some yoga guru and make you think everything is all honky dory with me. I write because if I express positive ideas, those reading can feel them too. I write as a reminder to myself that I am human, that as I share, others may share as well and at least a little postivity gets out there somehow. It’s mostly during my sulking/pensive sessions (writing) that I get revelations and a desire to share. So I can only hope this is as fulfilling to you as it was for me.

Lots of love xx

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